5 Careers to Explore in the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is ever-growing and has shown resilience despite the economic hardships. As global travel successfully rebounds to its performance, it’s the best time to dedicate yourself to the industry. Whether you’re passionate about tour guiding or have a strength in management, you have several career paths. You could become a travel agent, a tour guide, or a travel blogger, depending on your preferences. This blog post explores five sought-after career options that you can try.

Travel Agent

In this role, you’ll be helping visitors find planning trips easy by advising them on respective destinations, available accommodations, and transport options. Through your networking you’ll also be helping travelers learn  about the different offers and deals they could benefit from. Make your operations successful through close contact with managers of these facilities and attractions.

To advance your career, consider specializing in a certain niche and acquiring extra education. Sticking to a single destination may prove beneficial in effectively guiding visitors to it. If you want to become a Disney travel agent, for instance, you need to understand the destination well and the commission rate you’ll get as a travel agent. Disney offers a 10% base commission for every Disney World Vacation booked. Understand also how the commission split changes over time.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is a storyteller who helps visitors know more about their destinations and the local people. For instance, if it’s a historic site, you’ll make the travelers understand the origin of the name and changes over the years, making them feel more attached to the place.

You will work in diverse settings from the tranquil national parks to the vibrant cities. Aim at building strong connections with groups you lead through actively showing professionalism and being candid with explanations.

Event Planner

These are the creative minds behind every successful event, from weddings to corporate events. To soundly serve clients, it’s significant to work closely with them to understand their needs and logistics, venue choices, and entertainment options.

Acquiring excellent problem-solving, organizational, and analytical skills is necessary. For academic qualifications, you may need a degree in event management or hospitality to understand the principles of great events. First, you must go through internships and entry-level positions.

Hotel Manager

The successful operations of resorts, hotels, or any lodging establishment rests on the capabilities of a hotel manager. Keep finding ways of making the guests spend quality time through enhancing your accommodation and culinary experiences. You need to be good at managing the staff and invest in regular maintenance while ensuring all the customers’ inquiries are met.

You may need a degree in hospitality management and aim at boosting your experience. Be excellent at communication, organization skills, and leadership roles; your facility needs these for competitiveness. This career has many opportunities for advancement such as at the hotel chains, especially when you gain more expertise.

Travel Writer or Blogger

When travelers are looking for destinations, they rely heavily on online resources for insight. On one hand, you’ll help attractions get more visibility while giving large audiences valuable information for their traveling missions.

Your proficiency in the job will be specific when you polish your writing and communication skills. Have creativity and be well-updated with the developments in the tourism industry. Some monetization opportunities you’ll get include affiliate marketing, book deals, and even sponsored content.


The career options in the tourism industry are endless, and when making your pick, a great deal of focus needs to be on your passion. Whether you desire to help travelers know their destination or make establishments run better, consider acquiring the relevant skills.