5 Most Popular CBD Products and Their Uses

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana. It has no psychoactive features but can be used in multiple ways and industries. For example, CBD can reduce disorientation and other states.

Cannabidiol is stated as safe and cannot harm people’s health in any way. Moreover, it is used in some near-medical businesses. CBD will help you deal with addictions, inflammation, and even PTSD. Further studies on cannabidiol’s beneficial properties will be held in the future. But now, let’s look at the five most popular CBD products we can use right now!


This is the most traditional method of consuming CBD. Simply speaking, this is a hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol — the main component of cannabis that affects the mental state. So, without a large amount of this cannabinoid, you will get more satisfaction and a slightly positive effect on your mind and body. One of the best sorts of these plants is our Blue Dream strain — check it out in our stock!

With CBD flowers, you can feel the same pleasant sensations as when you smoke regular cannabis. Plus, they can be really good for your health. If you deal with aches or stress, these herbs will help to reduce your symptoms. It also has no addictive qualities because of the reduced levels of THC, which is responsible for this negative effect. Many other products listed below use hemp flowers as their basis. These herbs are very beautiful if this aspect is important to you. There is something alien-like in their looks!


Oils or tinctures are the first things that come to mind when talking about CBD products. Their functions are primarily the same as regular marijuana. But they are used as a food supplement like vitamins. CBD oils will:

  • Support the body in various ways;
  • Give a calming and relaxing effect;
  • Stimulate the nervous system and help to keep focus;
  • Reduce problems with sleep quality and its cycle;
  • Help muscles recover after training;
  • Help with different kinds of psychosomatic and nervous pains in your body.

The main benefit of cannabidiol oils is their versatility. You can use them in any way you can imagine. Put a couple of drops to your tongue, eat a capsule, add it to your coffee or salad dressing, vape or rub it on your skin — your body will thank you!

When performing such therapy, be sure to consult with specialists or doctors — they will help with the recommended dosage and side effects. Start from small doses and see how it feels and be responsible!

Lotions and Creams

Besides oils, there are specific lotions, creams, and salves available on the market. Due to CBD’s inflammation features, it can be used as a topical product to apply to your body when experiencing back pain or any other kind of discomfort. It also has a good sedative effect — while massaging, inhaling its pleasant smell will definitely help you to relax after a long stressful day and clear your head from all negative thoughts. There are even hair lotions that will help soothe you around your scalp.

So be sure to try it out — it is the best “starter” for those who are still feeling uncomfortable with CBD products.


Other easy-to-adapt products that include CBD are edibles. Different gummies, snacks, and chocolates will be the easiest solution for regular daily hassles. Have a stressful routine and having trouble sleeping? Or do you need a calm reset after difficult exams? Or do you want to feel a simple chill effect without any “smoky” inhalations? Then these products will be perfect for you!

The good thing about CBD edibles is that they are suitable for any age group. They can help your granddad with stress and pains or protect you from any negativity you can face during your day. They taste good, and you don’t need to do any smoking. Just pick your favorite flavor and eat them for lunch. But be sure to take the right dosage — some of these products are for more experienced users.


These little cigarettes have the same effect as any other method of Cannabis usage. The main difference is that companies carefully tailor the composition and dosages, allowing easy and accessible consumption. Pre-rolls do not have any additional ingredients, and their main components are always strictly lab tested. So, they can provide the best CBD effect — from a feeling of slight relaxation to stimulation. And all this with no negative side effects.

With pre-rolls you can choose different flavors and take small or big bags with you. Or pick one with a specific effect — the choice is yours. It is more comfortable than carrying a bong or other instrument or cultivating your own flowers. These products are also legal in certain situations because they have less than 0.3% psychoactive substances.


CBD products can become a great therapy for your mind and body. Keep this advice in mind for a better experience:

  • Consult with specialists and doctors before taking any CBD products;
  • Pick the CBD product you like and try it out;
  • Keep in mind that a CBD product’s primary function is to benefit your health, not to get you high;
  • Be responsible!