6 Elements of Soccer Conditioning

Sport is an athletic activity and soccer has evolved from a game that rewards ball skills to a sport that requires athleticism. It is absolutely essential to improve your body, physical characteristics and weaknesses as part of the modern football game. A field dedicated to addressing all these aspects is football conditioning.

Conditioning for football actually consists of six subsections or concepts. An effective soccer conditioning program like a “메이저놀이터” begins with warm-up, strength, power, endurance, agility and speed training. This article won’t delve into too many details about each, but will give you an overview of what each component is, how it can benefit (or players if you’re a coach), and how it can be improved. is.

Soccer warm-up coaching

The pre-football warm-up was rather chaotic and individual in the early days of the sport. Aside from some warm-up exercises and stretches, players waited until the beginning of the game to get in the right place for their best performance.

Today, warm-ups have increased in importance for football players as they help prevent muscle injuries and help prepare players for matches or training sessions by allowing them to perform at their best. Explicit stretching exercises are an impressive advantage for today’s footballers who need to react to the moment by improving agility and flexibility.

Strong soccer team

Abilities such as jumping, shooting, dribbling, shielding, balancing, tackling, and authoritative marks are among the many ways force affects a player’s performance during a match. It’s probably the only key component of conditioning that’s useful in the same way for all players no matter where they are on the pitch. As you can see below, shielding and power are separate concepts.

The power of football

In football, the term “power” refers to one of three different things. The power of the shot, the power of a header, or the power of a throw. Strength is a key factor when it comes to these three traits, but achieving it also requires the right skills. Power and technology combine to create power.

A strong kick will result in a more powerful shot if your abs, back and leg muscles are all worked out, but if you want a truly powerful and accurate kick, it’s just as important as kicking the ball perfectly. There is no such thing as a force you can’t control like the tire ad once mentioned.

Endurance needed for soccer

Long-distance endurance and short-distance endurance are both types of endurance. Shorter endurance sprinters can run longer, while longer endurance runners can play the entire game. Just because you can run for the ball longer in the game doesn’t mean you have endurance. Fatigue also makes it difficult to focus on games, jumping, tackling, dribbling, finishing, etc. Being able to maintain energy levels for longer periods of time is a result of proper endurance.

Reaching the point where you can run tirelessly even in the final stages of a match is very difficult, but possible. In football, even the strongest clubs in the world have players who tend to get tired around the 80th minute, or even before the game goes very fast.

Agility on the football field

The ability to move quickly and smoothly is beneficial in many ways in football. Had the goalkeeper been more agile, he would have had better reflexes and would have been faster at reaching the high ball. A decent level of agility allows defenders to tackle better and dribble less. Agile players can dribble easily, while agile players can get in front of defenders to finish a cross or dribble towards goal.

Soccer speed

Similar to the confusion about strength and strength, some people mistakenly associate speed and agility as equivalents. Agile means reacting fast, and speed means running long distances at full speed when timing is important. Acceleration and top speed are two components of speed.

The sprinter accelerates from the moment you start the sprint until it reaches its top speed in 1-2 seconds. Athlete agility plays an important role in acceleration, but has little to do with top speed. Concentrating on agility exercises improves acceleration, but top speed is difficult to improve because it’s a mix of skill, strength, and innate physique.