7 Encouraging Reasons to Adopt From an Animal Shelter

Are you not sure of adopting a new furry friend? And, are you confused about where to get on? There are options worth considering in this regard. Right from a four-legged friend to a talking parrot and carrot-mincing bunny rabbit – the animal shelter homes cater all. And, doing this welfare act is any day commendable, then spending thousands of dollars at the pet store. Many myths come with the concept of the adoption of these stray animals. To help you get over specific misconceptions, read below the seven encouraging reasons behind the adoption of the lovable soul from these animal shelters.

Protecting the souls

Around 6 to 7 million animals enter the shelter homes every year. Right from the stray dogs, and the ones surrendered by the owners – all stacks inside these shelter homes. And these innocent souls end up under unfortunate conditions, within no time. Most of them end their life’s journey in Euthanasia.

Every year, more than 65 to 70 thousand stray dogs are euthanized, due to various reasons. One of the leading causes is overcrowding in these shelter homes. After a certain age, most of these dogs suffer some life-threatening medical ailments, like they turn hostile, go under depression, or something more severe. It is where your presence is required! All these poor souls deserve to live a healthy and happy life in their shelter homes. They are the abandoned lot, who need constant love and care. You are the right person to provide them with a positive livelihood. By adopting them, you are giving them a golden opportunity to live.


When you plan to buy a fancy dog or cat breed, it will never cost less than thousands of dollars. And adopting them from these shelter homes are much hassle-free. Comparatively, you have to pay a few hundred dollars, or even less, while taking the four-legged buddies from the animal shelters. It is all-inclusive for their initial vaccinations and sterilization. And, some of the animal shelters waive-off these extra charges, to encourage and motivate the concept of adoption. The entire money was later funded for the welfare of the ones inside the shelter home. If you adopt a canine, you can spend your money buying them their favorite treats, Dog Clothes, sleeping mats, toys, and necessary medicines. Once they are with you, pamper them, and shower them with oodles of love and care, which they longed for.

Creating space

According to various reports, more than 8 million impoverished four-legged souls enter the animal shelters every year. And there is always a shortage of space to accommodate all of them. So, the result is euthanizing them! These innocent furry buddies are end-up dying, although they are in perfect health. The excellent means of adoption solves the underlying problem of over-population and the heinous act of Euthanasia. Along with your adoption, you are saving two lives, by making a place for another stray or abandoned poor four-legged soul. They can then fit into the empty spot that you have created.

Put a stop to mass-breeding

All over the world, the concept of animal mass-breeding is very prevalent, and it is one of the high-yielding businesses. Every year, hundreds and thousands of puppies, kittens, and other small animals are kept typically in unhygienic conditions. Adoption of one of them cuts down the rate of deceptive breeding and selling practices. You will be giving a new life to one of these poor souls.

Own a wonderful animal

No animal is perfect, as all have different behavioral attributes. These rescued or abandoned lots are no different either. They cater to the unique way of communicating with men. They shower love and affection to their owners out of gratitude for being rescued. Or else, it is their in-built loving nature of coming out of the rough circumstances. They reach the animal shelters as their owners shift their location or have financial and time constraints. These shelter animals come in perfect health. They all are physically and mentally sound. You have all the avenues to make your choice from the varied ranges of cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits, and other small pets. These rescued souls ought to light up your life and cater to endless joy and happiness. And you are sure to find a fortunate one to your liking!

Motivating and encouraging the act

Once you adopt an animal, you are setting an example amongst your close-knit ones. Your adoption turns out to be a significant motivational factor for the interested ones. And, believe it or not, nothing feels as honorable as setting an excellent example for others. You are saving time and money, which will motivate your close associates and neighbors. Many people avoid the concept of adoption owing to varied reasons. With your entire act of adoption, you will successfully be able to raise awareness for these homeless pet buddies.

They are well-trained with sound health.

You might not be aware, but most of the adult animals staying at these shelter homes are well-trained. They are comfortable staying with people around them, and thus are house-trained. Well-acclaimed and certified shelter homes conduct their behavioral training too. So, you have all the options of adopting a trained animal. In this manner, the whole affair with the result is profitable by saving your training expenditure.

Adopt first!!

Are you the one who desires a little more love in your life? If that is so, go forward and adopt a pet from one of the animal shelters around you. It is a kind of welfare that you are doing for these innocent souls and joining the community as well. You have to be ready to take over the responsibility of the newcomer, as they are thoroughly dependent on you.

Adopting or rescuing a pet stands one of the most rewarding things that you can do in your life. With millions of innocent four-legged souls waiting for a home, you can take an initiative of owning one. You are free to choose from any breed or personality you desire to adopt. Extend a hand of support and give shelter pets a chance. Remember – ‘adoption’ is not just a verb, but it is to take, by choice, certain individual ‘relationships.’