8 signs you should take your dog to vet

According to some historians, the relationship between dog and man dates back to over 15000 years, when the Bonn-Oberkassel dog was discovered buried with two human bodies. For generations, dogs have been said to be man’s best friend. They are constant companions, friends, and members of our family. The tricky aspect for them is that they cannot speak or complain, and they are unable even to inform you that they are ill or require assistance. However, as their family, we should be aware of the situation. But how do we discover that? This article discusses 8 indicators that your dog needs to see a veterinarian for a medical checkup.

1. Unusual Eating Habits

Do you enjoy it when you give your dog a treat, and they start dancing around you like crazy? But what if they lose interest in the food they enjoy, or if your dog isn’t eating correctly and starts skipping meals? It can be a cause of concern for your dog because it could indicate illness related to digestive disorders or a significant obstruction in the gut that requires surgery. Observing your pet’s eating patterns will assist you in detecting any health issues and taking your pet to the veterinarian at the appropriate time.

2. Constant Lethargy

Dogs are so active and full of energy that they instantly brighten everyone’s spirits in the room.However, if your dog begins to exhibit disinterest in their favorite hobbies, such as playing, going for a walk, or other things that they generally like. If your dog’s lethargy and lack of interest last more than three days, you should consider taking them to the vet, since this could be an indication of a high temperature or a physical problem that is causing them pain.

3. Odd Behavior

When you pet a dog, they usually wag their tails in delight and pleasure. When a dog is unwell, it may not behave in a usual manner. However, possible reasons your dog doesn’t wag their tail or get aggressive quickly can be they might be injured, tired, ill or they can even be depressed. There can be other indicators which include continual weeping and red-eye, awkward motions, or balance issues.A sudden rise in barking, biting, or growling is also not normal, and it’s a good indication that it’s time to take your dog to the vet.

4. Drastic Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Unexpected weight increases and decreases in dogs indicate major    health problems. When your dog loses a lot of weight in a short period, it could indicate cancer in the dog.As the body uses nutrients to perform different biological functions and cancer changes the way the body uses those nutrients and eventually makes it weak and sick. In most cases, tremendous weight loss might range from a 10% reduction to a 1-pound weight loss in tiny dogs. If you notice this sign it is highly recommended to visit your vet as soon as possible.

5. Continuous Vomiting

When the temperature rises, vomiting may appear normal, or this could be due to dehydration and overheating. However, suppose your dog continues to vomit regularly and does not stop. In that case, it could be a sign of a more severe problem, such as a digestive obstruction, a severe allergy, or, in the worst-case scenario, organ failure. In this scenario, your dog needs to see the vet right away and receive proper supportive treatment, including the right medications and fluids to help stop the vomiting.

6. Rashes and change in coat

Dogs’ coats are usually sleek and velvety, making you want to pet them more. However, if your dog’s coat becomes rough, it could be due to allergies caused by shampoo or something else. Itching, rashes, and irritation that don’t seem to go away can be a cause for concern; it could be due to allergic reactions to food, pollen, insect bites, or a change in weather. In either case, you should visit your veterinarian and attempt to figure out what’s causing it before it gets worse.

7. Changes in stool

The stool of a healthy dog should be solid and wet. However, if you detect dry or hard stool, it could be a sign of various dietary issues and illnesses. There are a few points to remember while noticing stool: it should not contain mucous, blood, or worms. If you see any of these symptoms, aside from getting a good dog supplement like from Perfect Poop, you should make an appointment with a doctor to obtain accurate medication to cure the condition. It could be related to various factors, including your dog swallowing worms or pastoral issues.

8. Difficulty in breathing

When dogs play or go for a walk in the summer or when the temperature is high, rapid breathing and panting are relatively common. However, it should not occur when the temperature is low or throughout the winter. Now, heavy breathing might be caused by excitement or playing for an extended period. When dogs engage in any physical activity, breathing assists them in lowering their body temperature. However, if your dog is not engaged in any activity and suddenly stops breathing, it could be due to Asthma, Kennel Cough, or Trachea. Keep a note as this could prove fatal to your pet.


The dog is indeed the only animal that loves you more than it loves itself. Over time, dogs have become such an integral part of our lives that nearly everyone now owns at least one dog and, in some cases, as many as five. However, nature has made them unable to communicate and tell you what trouble they are experiencing. Because of their survival drive, dogs will try to appear healthy on the surface. As a pet owner, it’s critical to be aware of even the most minor changes. This article tries to cover different signs and characteristics that you may notice in your dog when they are about to get sick or when there is some serious issue going on.  As you know your dog more than anyone, so take it to the veterinarian for a checkup if something doesn’tseem right.