AFCON 2025 in Morocco: The party you don’t want to miss

Are you a football fan and dream of experiencing the big show? Then mark your calendar for the beginning of 2025, because that’s when the 35th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations kicks off in blessed Morocco!

Unique experience for aficionados

This iconic football event for national teams is the pinnacle of many people’s lifelong passion for the team sport. The atmosphere during the matches is uncontrollable excitement mixed with national pride for the African fans. Go through the Betway app download South Africa, guide at the link, to make predictions on the teams results on the way to the trophy. Being at the event  is like experiencing the World Cup on home soil!

Take the chance for an unforgettable adventure

The Africa Cup of Nations is arguably the king of the continent’s sporting events. With 24 participating nations and the biggest stars on the gridiron, the fever can only be described as pure madness. If you’re a football fanatic, you’ll have an unparalleled experience when the passion hits the same stage.  

See legends up close

The dream for avid football fans is to get up close and personal with their favorite players during the intense matches. Although there are handshakes and autograph lines, watching the idols shoot down the sun with world-class tricks, feints and goals is something special.

Taste the Arabian passion

Experiencing the heritage of the host country Morocco, from hearty folk festivals to Arabic belly dancing and culinary delights, is part of the cup. The proud traditions and sizzling local football celebrations are tourist magnets on par with the tournament itself.

Here’s how you do it

Six tasteful host cities vie for your favor during the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco: the dazzling sunset cities of Agadir and Marrakesh, and the architectural gem of Casablanca. The cities of Rabat (the capital) and Tangier also have their wheels turning to welcome you with their historical sights and local atmosphere. Not forgetting the beautiful old ghost town of Fez!

Seasoned travel agent required

The challenge, of course, is to ally yourself with a travel agency that can cross-bottle the optimal package of match tickets and vacation days in your dream edition. Well-known names such as Jysk Rejsebureau publish special packages for the Africa Cup a few months before the start.

Public transportation is top notch

Highly topical city host Casablanca operates trains to all hosts (with the exception of Agadir). With a ticket package and national rail pass, most fans can therefore fully enjoy the experience on the ground. If financial reserves allow, transfers between cities can also be made by domestic flight or rental car.

Accommodation with charm

Many choose to spread their accommodation over several cities to soak up the essence of Morocco. From the rooftop city lofts of Casablanca to the picturesque riad guesthouses of Marrakesh, your dream horizon is wide open! For the adventurous sleeping bags on a budget, look out for tent cities and RV parks near the stadiums.

Book early – fans around the world are ready

Just like the World Cup, tickets for the Africa Cup of Nations must be purchased well in advance to guarantee a seat in the stands. Fans from all over the African world and the diaspora are likely to storm the box office when the coveted match tickets become available.

Head to an advance party at the camp

For the ultimate enthusiasts, a pre-camp package with access to training pitches and fan zones could be the answer. Here they can cheer on the national teams’ most seasoned football players and maybe even grab an autograph from some of the star players. Some tour operators think creatively and also offer accommodation in holiday camps with a national team atmosphere during the tournament itself. 

Goodbye boredom!

During the Africa Cup, it’s impossible to get bored as a football fan. When the games aren’t on, bodies and minds can be overheated by the raucous street parties and feverish life in Morocco’s cities. Local bars become meeting places for fans of all stripes – perfect settings to share the joy and enmity with strangers with the same feet firmly planted in the grass. Perhaps this is how new international football fraternities are created?

Colorful cultural mix

For broader holiday types, the Africa Cup is a great opportunity to spice up the sporting festivities with a deep cultural immersion in Morocco’s distinctive character and magnificent heritage. Want to see ancient palaces, old-fashioned souks and endlessly beautiful gardens mixed with European coastal Provence and French colonialism? Morocco has it all – and hopes to lure you further away from the pitch than just the stadium corners.

See you in Morocco 2025?  

This milestone in the world of football will not go unnoticed by any true football aficionado. The question is, do you dare to take the plunge and book your dream trip to the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco? The excitement is waiting on the other side!