Bet On Numbers: What Is This Casino Trend?

Thanks to the technology, the online gambling industry is moving at a fast pace introducing completely new games that work on unique principles. All the technological advancements in the online gambling industry open up new opportunities for game developers and online casinos to introduce new innovative ways where people can place some wagers.

One of the most popular games of chance at live casinos nowadays is the new ways where you can bet on numbers.

It seems like online casinos and game developers are focusing on simple games that allow players to bet on certain outcomes without too much overthinking. Basically, randomized games of chance are fast-paced and engaging.

One of such is the new trend where online casinos allow people to bet on numbers, colors, and sums. With that said, let’s dig a bit deeper and find out more about what’s all the fuss about.

What is Betting on Numbers?

Betting on numbers is a game that is available 24/7 at online casinos and the entire process is quite straightforward. The game can accept an unlimited number of players at any given moment, and people have few betting options to choose from.

What makes betting on number games so exciting is the fact that people can place multiple tickets per spin. This not only increases your chances of making a profit but also makes the games more exciting.

The process of betting on numbers is very simple. People place bets on numbers, colors, or combinations, and the numbers are dropped in a ball every 6-7 minutes and the machine picks the winning numbers.

People can bet on different bets such as the color of the first three numbers, whether the sums will exceed 155 or it will be less than 120, picking one, two, three, or four selected balls, and many more bets.

Betting on numbers is very similar to traditional Bingo, but with a different set of rules and betting options. It is a more fast-paced game that will keep you engaged at all times.

Most number betting games are broadcasted through live streams providing the players with the ultimate playing experience.

Betting on Number Payouts

One of the reasons why such games are rising in popularity has a lot to do with the attractiveness of the pay-outs. The game gives players plenty of betting options and some of the combinations come with quite lucrative multipliers promising huge profits.

For example, if a player bets on a specific number to be dropped, he or she receives few special offers.  The player can try to predict a specific number that comes with a 7x multiplier, or for the brave souls, they can try to pick two balls where the multiplier jumps to 70x.

As the multiplier rises, the outcome is much less predictable and harder to get. For instance, getting three or four balls where the chances are pretty slim can promise you huge payouts with 750x to 2000x multipliers on your bet, as you can confirm here:

Betting on color is also profitable. For example, picking the first color of the ball gives you odds of 1.7, and picking the first two-color numbers gives you a higher odds of 3.5.

Last but not least, players can bet on sums. Most number betting games have pre-defined betting options for more or less. For example, you can choose the sum to be less than 120 which has odds of 4, or less than 135, with odds of 2.5. You can also choose to bet on higher sums such as getting more than 155 with odds of 2, and more than 170 with odds of 3.


Betting on numbers are fast-paced games of chance where there aren’t any real strategies that you can use to impact the outcome of the game. It is all luck and it’s actually a fun betting game to play with friends, with everyone betting on different numbers. That is why it’s rapidly becoming a popular trend.

With that said, the game is still exciting to play due to many betting options that have quite big multipliers.

Since the game is available 24/7 it is a great way to spice things up and try something new that might lead to big profits.