Blackjack Betting System: Short term vs long term

I always say that pure betting systems don’t win in the long run. They may make you more likely to succeed in a short time (in the case of the Oscar System, much more likely). But not in the long term. And the usual response is: “I don’t care about the long term. I’m going to Vegas this weekend. I just want to win on this little run.”

Wagering gives the player a greater chance of ending a game with a win rather than a loss. Unfortunately, if you use this type of wagering , and you look at your records after years of playing, you’ll see a lot of small wins – and one (or a few) significant losses, big enough to wipe out the profits of all your small victories, and more. Get yourself the Yoju casino login bonus and learn about blackjack bets. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about Seven casino.

Types of betting systems

There are two main types of betting systems for blackjack or any positive and negative progression casino games. The general theory is that you increase your bets after wins with a positive progression, which means that your bigger chances are mainly funded by the money you win. This is a conservative betting system in that a long losing streak will not wipe out your funds as quickly as with a negative progression.

With a negative progression, you increase your bets after your losses. This is more dangerous, as a bad losing streak can wipe you out quickly. In favour of this method, however, it allows you to win on a session in which you have lost many more hands than you have won. Since your bets after losses are more significant, you don’t need to win as many to come back, assuming you can avoid a disastrous losing streak that empties your pockets.

But the best such system I have seen to accomplish this end was first published 40 years ago by mathematician Allan N. Wilson in his Casino Gambler’s Guide. Dr Wilson called it “Oscar’s system”, after the dice player who invented it.


No betting system will ever surpass the casino in the long run. But they are not without interest. Professional gamblers find opportunities to take advantage of various betting systems in tournament play. Such as “camouflage”, to disguise a good game that is not based on the betting system itself, especially in online casinos where betting systems can be used to collect casino “bonuses”.

However, to win at regular casino blackjack in the long run, you must start by counting cards. Because the principles behind card counting are the same principles behind every type of professional blackjack game, even the methods that do not require counting.