Buying Custom Blue Canopy Tents for Restaurants – 4 Key Factors to Consider

Since 2020, many restaurants have taken to the streets. Restaurant leaders have used custom canopy tents to create safe, socially distant dining zones for their guests. Many footpaths outside cafes, restaurant parking lots, patios, etc., are currently full of these outdoor dining zones.

Despite the resurgence of indoor dining in 2021, many restaurants and diners are still using these outdoor dining zones. Why are custom canopy tents so popular among restaurant operators and restaurant-goers? According to a recent survey –

  • Over 20% of diners believe eating outdoors inside isolated canopy tents is critical for their safety.
  • 65% of customers said they would choose to dine outdoors in canopy tents even if it’s cold outside.
  • 82% of restaurant-goers hope that their favorite restaurants increase their outdoor seating areas by using canopy tents.

Restaurant owners initially started using canopy tents to promote social distancing among their employees and guests. Now, they’re observing countless other benefits of using blue canopy tents to expand their existing seating capacities. Some other perks of using custom tents include –

  • Implement COVID-Prevention Protocols: Restaurant tents allow restaurant owners to follow, implement, and comply with many health and safety regulations in their states. For example, it’s easier to perform preventive screening measures while using these tents. Before granting access to these isolated tents, customers can be thermally scanned. These efforts ultimately help restaurant owners create more effective COVID-prevention protocols within their business premises.
  • Maximizing Resources: Custom canopy tents made of synthetic fabrics are affordable and easy to set up. Restaurant owners can order multiple sets of these tents without spending too much money. They can cost-effectively increase their seating spaces with these tents.
  • Marketing: Several restaurateurs have used custom-printed dining tents to promote their brands. These tents can be custom-printed with all types of high-quality graphics. Customizing them as marketing tools helps restaurant owners achieve two goals with one investment.

Here are the four key factors restaurant owners should consider before buying these tents

1. Make Sure the Tent Has a Light and Flexible Frame

Look for canopy tents with durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames. Tents with light and durable frames are easy to install, transport, and store. The tents can also be used over and over again.

2. Durable Fabrics

Your outdoor dining zones should protect customers from heat, rainfall, wind, etc. So, always buy canopy tents made of waterproof, UV-resistant fabrics. Assess the fabric weight of the tent (GSM or grams per square meter) before buying it. If you want a protective tent that can withstand exposure to all weather-related elements, get a 250-300 GSM fabric tent.

3. Custom Size and Design

Make sure your tents come with versatile customization options. Avoid buying tents that are smaller than ten ft. x 10 ft. or 20 ft. x 10 ft. in size. Also, make sure the tent seller allows you to print high-quality graphics (e.g., restaurant logo, menu, etc.) on the tents.

4. Adjustable Heights

If you can adjust the height of your canopy tents, you can provide exemplary dining experiences to customers. Create breathing room for your guests by increasing the tent’s height when they’re standing. Decrease the tent’s height when they’re sitting.

If you’re a restaurant owner wishing to obtain these advantages for your food business, invest in customizable canopy tents now.