Casino players love slots: which countries play the most?

Casino players all over the world are raving about online casinos and the exciting games they offer, such as free online slots – a form of gambling that demonstrates how classic games can take advantage of the innovation of technology to offer something incredibly fun and safe at the same time.

In recent years, the interest in gambling and betting has only increased, especially because online casinos allow their users to play whenever and wherever they want, ignoring all the natural limitations of having to go to a physical and public establishment to be able to bet on their favorite games. Remember the days when if you wanted to gamble you had to get dressed, leave the house, take the car, and arrive at a physical casino? Fortunately, today we can do it right from the comfort of our own homes, perhaps with a few friends while having a chat!

However, despite this growing interest not only in gambling but also in sports betting, which is an important percentage of all online betting, there are always some countries where people bet more than others! Do you want to find out which those countries are?

In this list, we will find some of the countries where the population simply cannot stop gambling and betting big. These are the places that are contributing to powerful gambling and betting industries of all kinds. This list could prove to be quite useful for the more globetrotting gamblers who are looking for their next gambling and casino adventure. Ready?

United Kingdom – $20 billion annually

The online and traditional gambling industry within the UK is one of the most robust in the world and is also very accessible: UK nationals can gamble from the age of 18 and participate in the National Lottery from the age of 16 – so gamblers are raring to go from a young age!

The United Kingdom is also an interesting case because in this country, online gambling dominates the betting industry: in this case, 40% of the betting profits originate from the online mode, while the rest is divided between the lottery and traditional casinos. In fact, in England, you will find the most used online sports betting platforms in the world. Here, online slots real money are still the kings of the gaming industry!

Australia – More than $19 billion a year

Australia More than $19 billion a year

Scientists predict that Australia won’t have a winter in 30 years, but there will almost certainly still be Australians betting and gambling big! It turns out that betting and gambling are practically national pastimes in Australia, with more than 80% of Australians participating in some form of gambling each year, making it the country with the highest percentage of gamblers in the world. In Australia, although sports betting is very popular, it is slots or pokies, as they call slot machines, that turn out to be the favorite game.

Australia is not famous only because of its wildlife. One of the main reasons why many gamblers go to Australia is because it can be considered a tax haven for gambling: there is no regulation requiring that any winnings from sports betting or casinos must be taxed to the state. It’s like winning twice. Recently, the Australian government wanted to push through certain regulations to regulate this industry, though, so we’re going to have to keep an eye on how the situation develops!

China – Nearly $37 billion a year

Gambling is illegal in China… unless you go to Macau, China’s gambling and casino gambling capital. Throughout the Chinese country, you can place sports bets and play the lottery, but the true casino experience will only be found in Macau. It’s a place like no other, a heady haven for the keen gambler out there.

In fact, Macau has become so powerful and massive in the casino industry that today it is the true gambling capital: left behind is Las Vegas, which cannot compete with the simply overwhelming volumes of players, games, and casinos seen in Macau. Macau has become synonymous with a gambling paradise: the most tantalizing jackpots, the biggest and most luxurious casinos, the largest number of players. This is a must-see destination for adventurous gamblers. Have you ever thought of going there? It might be a chance to see something new, or try games you’ve never come across before!

Each of these countries has their own characteristics that make them unique gambling experiences. However, in all of them, we will be able to find a great diversity of slots for the players, and some you can even try out for free to see whether you like them before you begin laying out the cash. Don’t forget that the free slots on online platforms are available not only on laptops, but also smartphones and any other devices with browser access.