Choose Your Summer Holiday Destination to Recharge Yourself – You Need Clean Air to Sustain Yourself!

Pure air promotes wellbeing, while poor air destroys it. Due to the rising amount of pollutants in the air, one must be careful about how they spend their time outdoors. Some air pollutants smell bad, while others irritate your system. When ingested too much, polluted air affects your respiratory system or causes cancer. Common air pollutants outside include ozone, allergens, and particulate matter.

Indoor air can get affected due to mold, radon, and secondhand smoke. But you can maintain air hygiene indoors through proper air conditioning. The challenge is to ensure less or no exposure to air pollution outdoors. In summer, soaring temperatures and humidity play a spoilsport.

You can escape to beach towns with fresh air to avoid your city’s poor air quality momentarily. Your mind and lungs crave this. Ocean air already has many health benefits. And if it is free of pollutants, you don’t have to think twice. You can read an AQI or air quality index for an idea of a specific location’s air health. A range of 0-50 and 51-100 show air is safe to breathe. Fortunately, America has many options. Here is a small list of a few.

Bethany Beach, DE

Credible sites show this place’s AQI is 47. That means it is in a green zone, where clean air is guaranteed. You and your family can spend fun-filled days on the beach with lots of sunshine. The coastal town’s laid-back character attracts more and more families every year. It has a half-mile-long boardwalk. It can be small but has plenty of eateries and gift shops. You can swim in the ocean, build a sandcastle, or lie down on the sand and relax. Those with sweet teeth can try ice creams, donuts, frozen custards, and candies.

Tybee Island, GA

A barrier island cum a small beach city of Georgia is famous for beach lovers. People have come here since the latter part of the 1800s to enjoy the vast sandy expanse. You must check South Beach on the southern end here. Visit the pavilion and pier for snacks and picnicking. Those who seek quietness often find Mid Beach more suitable. You can also visit the secluded Back River Beach. The city’s AQI is 44, well under 50, making it one of the finest clean-air destinations.

Cannon Beach, OR

This quaint town on the Oregon coast can be a part of every tourist’s wish list. The adorable beach cottages make your stay fabulous. If you like arts and crafts, you can browse through art galleries and artisan shops. On the beach, you can also indulge in bird and whale watching. Is it safe to visit this city? AQI 20 suggests you must. Experts determine AQI levels after evaluating six main types of air pollutants. A lower AQI shows the air will be fresh and clean.

Beach air is good for your health. But it should be clean to offer all the goodness it has. Otherwise, it would be best to restrict your outdoor timing to reduce exposure to unwanted or harmful substances lingering in the air. Since summer breaks mean full enjoyment, it can be challenging to hold yourself back. To maintain your experience, tracking that specific area’s AQI before going is best.