Efficient Zoo Marketing Tips to Implement

A zoo is something extraordinary. Children, as well as adults, visit a zoo to experience and learn more about the animals they do not see daily.

A report found that more than 700 million people across the globe visit zoos as well as aquariums annually. This estimation indicates that it is among the best-known and most sought-after entertainment destinations for families.

At this point, you may think that attracting people to the zoo is pretty easy. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The most significant competitors of zoo owners are aquatic centers, arcades, bowling alleys, and many more.

Zoo owners must strive to be more diverse than other entertainment businesses. Hence, which is the best method to increase your visitor footfall and retain them? In this article, we have covered the top marketing strategies for zoos.

Start Zoo Memberships For Maximum Retention

After visiting the zoo, families will feel like they have had a thriving and educational day. It should not be surprising that a whole day of learning about interesting animals found across the world can stimulate their minds.

So, when customers have spent their day at the zoo and left, you may wonder how to call them back. The best way to do this is to provide visitors with the option of buying a zoo membership.

As a matter of fact, memberships are the most profitable marketing strategy for zoos since they can frequently bring existing customers back.

Other brands in this industry, such as amusement parks, bowling alleys, trampoline parks, etc., also use membership plans to retain visitors. Hence, take a page from their book and implement memberships for your zoo.

Zoo Memberships Also Boost Revenue and Attendance

When your zoo gets more visitors, it will generate more revenue. Zoo memberships may also amplify your visitor rate. When customers purchase zoo memberships, they pay for exclusive access through the upfront costs of the zoo.

Customers can visit the zoo whenever possible by paying for a zoo membership. You can also entice more customers by providing them with exceptional perks.

These can include access to exhibits, event discounts, educational activities, member appreciation, and many more. Although you may not get revenue from the entry each time, you will be making money in other ways.

Your zoo is likely to sell several things besides tickets, right? It may have sweet treats, restaurants, gift shops, and ice cream stands. These can fetch revenue in multiple ways.

Customers will likely purchase additional items at the zoo if they save money on zoo tickets. This is how memberships will enhance the visitor rate as well as revenue.

Host Adult-Only Events

Most family members do not get to enjoy their time at the zoo since their kids run here and there. To solve the issue, the best marketing strategy would be to host adult-only events.

Some zoos are still unsure about holding adult-only events since they want everyone to enjoy their time at the zoo. However, some zoos organize adult-only events to ensure their zoos are as exciting for adults as kids.

If you choose to host the adult-only event, you can at least several times a month and start it at 6:00 PM.

With this, customers can experience food, see animals, and enjoy drinks in a place without kids. You can also host activities such as animal trivia.

Such zoo events will bring in more customers who will enjoy the zoo with a new experience and will even attract those not fond of zoos, such as young adults.

Use Social Media For Zoo Marketing

Another good way to develop an efficient audience engagement strategy for your zoo is to listen to what people are saying.

In today’s world, the best method is to find out what your audience wants. It will help you cultivate a dependable and active social presence.

Zoos are positioned to produce a reliable and faithful online following due to the diverse subject accessibility for engaging videos, photos, and educational content.You can shoot and create a movie to market your zoo’s adult-only event from an online movie creator to engage potential customers/audience.

A social media marketing strategy will offer young audiences educational content since it complements what people are learning in school to create a faithful and loyal following of adults and kids who will see your zoo for education.

Social platforms can become overwhelming since there are so many available. Instead of utilizing all platforms or guessing how you will find more followers, it is essential to be prescient and gather data for effective marketing.

You should discover the preliminary demographics that will aid you in deciding which social media channel to choose.

For zoo owners, your most significant target audience is the parents. Confirming this data will allow you to determine which social media channels parents use and who will engage and visit your place.

Offer Discounts And Deals

Offering special discounts like membership swaps or military discounts will ensure an increase in attendance.

Other than making zoo attendance affordable, it will also show that your zoo is committed to community engagement and making exhibits accessible.

It is best to offer these types of deals on a day when there are fewer visitors to ramp up those numbers.

Offer Unique Zoo Experiences

Another marketing strategy is to provide the best park experiences, which are unique to the facilities.

You can be different from the local attractions or your competitors. You can also combine the experiences into a single location.

Adding these experiences and activities to the zoo, like animal feedings, special behind-the-scenes tours, and educational animal encounters, is the best way to enhance the attendance of your customers.

Learn About Your Audience

The zoo’s primary audience is tourists and locals, primarily if you are located in a larger city.

By looking at the demographic information and marketing data of people who purchase entries and interact with the social media handles, you can estimate who will visit your zoo.

With this, you can formulate a presence on the channels that will target your audience at large to attract them to your zoo.

If your primary audiences are local, you can interact with the local businesses for community engagement or market an event that coincides with the festivals.

If your primary target audience is tourists, customize your content primarily as a vacation or destination spot.


These are some of the best marketing strategies that will allow your zoo to retain and attract more customers.

Millions of people love the zoo, but zoo marketing is still essential since it satisfies the customers’ demands and makes them stick around.

There are several tricks and tips that you can follow based on the accessibility of market research, your budget, and efficient methods for zoo promotion. Start today!