Everything About Technical Writing

Where there are several writing careers out there, technical writing is one. Though this promising and most coveted job is not so recognized these days. 

Here, I’ll be showing you all you need to know about technical writing and how you can probably become a technical writer.

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So first, 

What Does Technical Writing Mean?

Technical writing is the art of using written words to simply explain complex ideas about a product, concept, or subject.

Technical writing can be writing to focus on explaining software products, and how to operate a certain mechanical tool and machinery. This tells you that there are types of technical writing depending on the area focused by the technical writer.

In short, technical writing is to educate and transfer the technical know-how of a product, tool, or subject from the professionals in a given field to the common users or benefactors. An example is the written texts commonly found in a manual guild of a product—e.g medical product (drugs).

Technical Writing and Marketing Content

While technical writing is strictly to simplify the handling knowledge of a product, marketing, in addition to that, includes the technique of persuading and closing sales.

Marketing content involves lots of copywriting skills; however, some of the copywriting skills are needed in technical writing also.

For example, in technical writing, you must agree with the condition of your target audience. Your target audience is not in the technical field of what you are writing about. Therefore, there’s a need for you to know how to use simple everyday words and sound human instead of sounding like the world professor of English. Write in a simple tone and write grammatically correct content.

How To Become A Technical Writer

The work of a technical writer would be supposed to be handled by the providers of products, services, or concepts. Conversely, as these professionals wouldn’t have the time to impose the duty of writing long documents explaining how to use their product on themselves, that is where someone like you and I are needed, and the job is open to you too.

Take the following steps to begin your journey to becoming a technical writer:

  • Start by searching for a technical writing course you can apply for. There are paid and free online courses on the internet you can choose from.
  • Decide on a product you wished you could be writing about.
  • Make sure you avail every available source of information about the product you have chosen to write on.
  • You can choose to learn more than about one product.
  • Join a marketing team to learn more about the product and later become a technical writer, as a starter.

You can as well start by writing in your blog.


In addition to some clues and suggestions you’ve read so far here on how to write good technical writing content, take note of the information below.

Do a lot of research, investigate and ask questions, and organize important points before you write.

Editing your content is very crucial. Pay a lot of consideration to editing, as this process will enable you smoother bombs to and redundant phrases in your content.