Factors That Impacted the Evolution of Online Casinos

As digital technology moves forward, the online gambling sector evolves and provides better options to its users. Whether it is a new game feature or a mobile casino site, tech innovations constantly flood the iGaming sector. That being said, there are certain innovations that propelled the growth of the online casino industry, and this article will pinpoint the main factors that fuelled this evolution. Also, we will give you updates on the best bitcoin dice sites to visit this year. Playing these games is your best chance to win at an online casino like Stake us casino.

Mobile Casinos 

The development of mobile-friendly casino sites was an important step for the gambling industry. The main motivation for the investment of mobile versions of online casinos was the rising popularity and increased usage of smartphones. Namely, users, today spend approximately 155 minutes per day on their smartphones while there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide.

This is why the casino sites have optimized their platforms for mobile devices, and you will easily access a mobile casino from any mobile device. It’s important for users to know that the platforms are functioning the same as the desktop version of the site, meaning you will generally find the same casino games, promotions, payment options on the mobile casino site. For example, you can expect to access bonus codes casino from both your desktop and mobile device.

One of the main advantages for the users was the convenience because they were able to play any casino games whenever was convenient for them. Otherwise, the second advantage was affordability for the members because they didn’t have to invest in a laptop or computer in order to register an online casino. They can simply use their smartphone, which is typically less expensive than a computer.

RNG Software  

This is a vital component of every online gambling establishment. The games are powered by RNG in order to ensure that each outcome of the game is completely random. In other words, the results are not manipulated by any party.

Without the RNG software, it would be impossible for online casinos to exist and to provide a fair gambling environment for the users. Actually, this is the prerequisite for the existence of the online gambling market, and thanks to the technological advancements today, we can say that there are many reliable casinos that provide a great range of RNG powered casino games, including slots blackjack, poker, craps, and many other games in many different versions.


Cryptocurrencies represent a significant innovation for online casinos and online casino members. Because cryptocurrencies have become a popular payment option around the world, the casinos decided to jump on the crypto bandwagon and accept crypto payments.

The main advantage was for the casinos that didn’t have additional costs for accepting crypto payments. Actually, they only needed to invest in a crypto wallet.

Furthermore, there are benefits for users because typically, the transaction fees are low; at the same time, the processing times of the transactions are instant, in most cases. This is why many casinos are implementing this new tech solution, they accept crypto payments and even cater to crypto users with special crypto offers.

Live Casino Games 

The introduction of live casino games is also a major factor that boosted the popularity of online casinos. The live casino games are streamed live from a professional and well-equipped studio with a human dealer, and they take place in real-time. Therefore, the pace of the game is much slower than the pace of table and slot games.

The live casino games are also known for creating a realistic gaming experience for users that want to experience gaming similarly as they would in a traditional casino. This is why they have become a major turning point for online casinos and for users who want to play in an authentic setting. As the technology evolved over time, members got to choose from a great range of live casino games.

Also, the production of live casino games saw an increase of prominent developers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and other brands that consistently improved the quality of live casino games and today offer a variety of different options, including game shows.

Machine Learning 

The integration of machine learning technology in online casinos was very important for providing a more personalized experience to users. Machine learning is a type of technology that is able to collect huge amounts of data and to develop insights based on the data, which later will be used to customize the offers and marketing campaigns based on the preferences of the users.

So, if the casino wants to provide personalized bonuses to loyal customers, machine learning technology is one is the innovative technologies that will help them in achieving this goal. Also, based on the games the member has played in the casino, the platform which uses Machine learning is able to deliver personalized recommendations suitable to their preferences.

Machine learning technology is also beneficial for the customer support department. Namely, chatbots are powered by AI technology, and they are able to provide an accurate response based on the questions of the user.

It is a huge benefit for the customer support agents because it decreases their workload and also offers benefits for the members because they get an instant response to their questions.

If the question is too complex, obviously, they will be connected with customer support agents, and it’s another innovative solution that provides a better experience to the users, especially for online casinos that are dealing with a global audience.

Overall, machine learning technology represents a great option for casinos to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a more personalized experience to their target audiences.


To sum up, the online casino sector is open for new digital innovations because there is great competition among the online casinos, and they are interested in improving their offers as well as the gaming experience of the users. This is why they continuously work on integrating technological solutions that will satisfy the members of their target market.