How can you check DA PA of your website easily?

Checking the DA PA of your website helps you stay a few steps ahead of the search engines and your competitors. We will elicit how you can check your DA PA easily online using a DA PA checker.

DA PA helps you get an idea of how the search engines are ranking your website based on your backlinks. There are different things which can impact your rank on a search engine such as:

  • Amount of the backlinks

  • Quality of all provided backlinks

  • Domain age

  • Volume of data

  • Total number of social signals.

There are different online tools called as domain authority checker. The DA PA checker does not just check the authority of your domains but helps you improve as well.

As there are different search engines, there are different domain authority checkers as well. No matter how you want the results to go and how you want your website on the top, there are several factors that it will depend on.

The different DA and PA checkers will provide you a result with the rank of your website. You will be able to understand the problems better and will come up with better solutions. For more information about SEO services visit EngineRoom.

Checking DA PA through domain authority checker

There are many online free tools that help you in checking the domain authority of your website. It is easy as all you have to do is copy and paste the website link of your company on the checkers.

Before you start using a DA and PA checker, you need to make sure of several things. Different features will help you have better results and will help your website grow on the internet.

Different features that you should look for in DA PA checker are:

Bulk checks

On your website, there is not just a single webpage that you need to check. To perform a proper domain authority check, you need to check multiple pages, articles, blogs, etc.

Copy and pasting the links to all those pages one by one can be non-sensical to a lot of people as it takes up a lot of time. For example, if you have 500 webpages on your website, it means you will be performing the same action for 500 times.

This can be avoided by choosing a DA and PA checker which can perform bulk checks. Uploading multiple links at a time will help you attain the results faster and use them to improve your website.

Detailed results

Just attaining the rank after the DA PA check is not enough. While you know where your website stands from that result, you will still have no idea on how to improve it.

The detailed results will provide you a pathway to improvement so you can achieve the results you want to. There are multiple details that you should be looking forward to like domain age, IP address, metrics, spam score, etc.

If your current Domain authority checker is not displaying all these results, it is perhaps time to change and look for a new tool.

Excel sheets

While your results will be published by all of the tools, there are still not many that will let you download them. Downloading an excel sheet in your computer will help you stay ahead of everyone and work on it better.

Make sure your tool allows you this feature as you won’t be able to go through every page in just one sitting. Excel sheet will make it possible and easier to go back to the content or the results every other hour.

How to increase Domain Authority?

Increasing your domain authority is not as hard as people have made it these days. As domain authority is an attempt to mimic the results of a Search engine, you need to improve your SEO to improve domain authority as well.

Here are a few things that you can follow to help:

Using keywords

Keywords are a key to SEO. Every article, blog, product description or any other writing material that you write or publish on your website needs to have keywords.

It helps the search engines understand what you are trying to focus on the best and shows results according to the searches based on it. But there are also some ways to use the keywords.

Keyword stuffing is a problem as well that you need to avoid. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind regarding using keywords.

  • Keep the keywords short and not too board.

  • Use the keywords as a road map to your article and build your whole content around it.

  • Use quality keywords instead of just stuffing them in even though when they don’t make any sense.

  • Keywords should not have a lot of competition.

Adding value

Every blogger needs more traffic to their blogs and their website but that does not mean sacrificing on the quality of content. You need to add value to everything you write and give it a meaning and purpose.

If your blog is focused on fashion, food, technology or anything else, write something for both, the readers and the search engines. It will help you when you try to check da pa and give you better results.


Backlinks are like backbones to every website. When you have a website full of backlinks, it is more likely to have better SEO than any other website.

But while adding backlinks, you need to keep it in mind to add valuable backlinks and not just anything. Add them from reputed websites so your website can climb as well and only add the backlinks of value.

Bulk adding the backlinks used to work before but the search engines now check the kinds of backlinks added as well. Same is the case when you check da pa and to perform better, you need to choose backlinks that bring you value.

Use them from the same field as yours to make your website perform better.