How to Choose the Right Medicated Shampoo for Your Dog’s Skin Ailments

Your dog can get skin allergies just like you. The allergies can get triggered when it plays outside, eats an allergen, or has a genetic problem. Medicated shampoos are useful to manage allergies that can occur from external factors while playing outside. In this article, we are going to discuss the various aspects that can help you choose the right shampoo for your pup’s skin ailments.

Understanding the Symptoms

Skin allergies can cause several symptoms in your dog. Some of the common ones are:

  • Dandruff on the skin
  • Too much itching in some spots
  • Hot spots
  • Skin inflammation
  • Presence of ticks, fleas, and other parasites
  • Sudden rashes
  • Scaling and formation of crust
  • Small or large sores

Any of these symptoms can cause discomfort and stress in your pet. You can use a medicated dog shampoo along with oral medication to alleviate the symptoms.

Medicated Shampoos

There are several brands of medicated shampoos available in the market. Most of them have specialized ingredients that help in maintaining your dog’s coat. If you look at the range of products available on online stores like, you will find that there are different shampoos for different ailments.

There are specialized shampoos that are antiseptic and antifungal. You will also find anti-itch, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and antiseborrheic shampoos. The ingredients in the shampoo are meant to target specific problems without causing harm to your dog.

Since these shampoos contain special ingredients, they should be applied with proper care. If you apply the shampoo improperly, it can irritate your dog’s eyes, nose, or other body.

Factors to Consider

If you want to find the right medicated shampoo for your dog, there are several factors you must consider. Some of those factors are as follows.

  • What are the symptoms of your dog’s skin problem? Is your dog scratching excessively? If so, you should investigate to find out what is causing the itch. Do you see any signs of ringworms or atopic dermatitis? You should select a shampoo that targets your dog’s ailment.
  • Keep your dog’s safety in mind when you choose a shampoo. Human shampoos can be harmful to your dog, so do not use a medicated shampoo that you use for yourself. Also, do not try to take a wild guess to mix and match the shampoos. If your dog is suffering from multiple ailments, contact a veterinary doctor, and follow the advice.
  • Avoid medicated shampoos that contain dyes or parabens. They can do more harm than good and aggravate the problem further. Read the reviews carefully and choose a shampoo that you find is best for your pooch. Or you can follow a veterinary doctor’s prescription.
  • Consider how much you can spend. If your dog has developed allergies, it might be a recurring problem. So keep in mind that you may have to buy the shampoo more than once. You might find that different brands sell shampoo with the same ingredients at different prices, so choose one that suits your budget.

Different Types of Medicated Shampoos

As we mentioned before, there are different shampoos available in the market for different ailments. These are some of the most commonly found medicated shampoos, active ingredients, and the problems they target. Some shampoos can fall under multiple categories.


These shampoos are also called anti-dermatitis shampoos, and they help in removing the scales that form on your dog’s skin due to irritation. These shampoos usually contain antibacterial ingredients.


Antibacterial shampoos are useful to treat skin infections caused by bacteria. Your dog can contact these infections while playing in the dirt.


These shampoos are particularly effective in treating fungal infections.


Antiparasitic shampoos are useful in keeping parasitic organisms like ticks and fleas away from your pet.

Other than these medicated shampoos, there are other shampoos available with the following properties as well in the market.

  • If your dog has dry skin, dandruff, or skin inflammation, you can use a cleansing and moisturizing shampoo. It will help in keeping your dog’s skin moisturized.
  • You can buy a medicated shampoo for sensitive skin if your dog develops allergies often. These shampoos are made with natural ingredients and are helpful for dogs born with sensitive skin.

Skin ailments and allergies can be quite stressful for your dog. As a pet parent, you should find the best possible solution that can alleviate its problem and provide relief.

While there are many products available in the market, keep in mind that you need to find one that targets your dog’s ailment specifically. It should not contain ingredients that might aggravate the problem. If you are unsure, it is best to see a veterinary doctor and follow the prescription.