Living in Chicago- Pros and Cons

Chicago, an old city of wind and modern amenities, is a prime destination for many tourists and families. Every year thousands of new people are arriving in the city and settling down here. Being the third-largest city in the whole US, the city has a unique character of its own. While living in Chicago, one will be amazed to see its lifestyle and society.

Arriving in a new place, you need to completely adapt to the place if you want to stay there permanently. This is not possible if you can’t update yourself to mix with the locals and grasp its social and cultural lifestyle. So, you should prepare beforehand for this. To prepare yourself, how about getting some knowledge about the place? Having some clear idea of the pros and cons of the area will also help you face any problem.

Pros of Living in Chicago

The city is full of pros that can wonder you. Here are some of them-

Delicious foods- The place is rich with epic cuisines and fast foods. It has many cultural dishes that are too mouth-watering to miss. Let’s not forget the world-famous hotdog of Chicago. There’re also pizzas available in all places that can win your mind.

Transport- When you are in the city, a good transport system will help you know the place more. It will be a bad thing to miss the artistic and historical attractions of the city. Commuting to these places is so easy. The city’s main places are usually close to each other and can be reached on foot. Well, there is also the second-biggest train system in the entire states! The public vehicles of the place are really fast.

Full of attractions- As situated in the 19th century, the city has a lot of historical and cultural centers scattered around the place. The economy of this place was always good since the old times. Merchants from other cities used to travel to this place since then. So, no wonder that the place will have many attractions.

Architecture- Continuing the last point, as the place has a rich history of economy and politics, the place has unique architectural beauty. Its buildings and centers are created with a touch of both historical and modern architecture.


Criminal activities- Many people think about the crimes and stuff that Chicago is famous for when they hear the name. It’s not entirely false. On average, the place has more criminal activities than other cities. But it has decreased a lot from how it was in the past. After all, people like Al Capone and John Dillinger was a part of this place in the past.

Living cost- Chicago is an expensive city. The city has a high cost of almost everything. According to research, it has a 20% higher cost of living than the national average.

Weather- The city is called the windy city. Winter here is longer and colder. Meanwhile, the summer here is so hot and humid.

Must Haves

Before moving to the city, you will need to get some items. Items like a heater, Wi-Fi router, suitable clothes, automotive paint gun, or a camera can help you in the new place. They may seem irrelevant and insignificant at first, but you will know once you settle down.


As you have gone through it all, you need to make sure that you have all the equipment and preparations before making your journey. It can be extra efforts, but it will end up with a good outcome.