GREY MONGOOSE (Small) – Galerella pulverulenta

GREY MONGOOSE (Small) - Galerella pulverulenta

The Cape Grey Mongoose, also known as Small Grey Mongoose or Galerella pulverulenta, is a mammal commonly found in southern Africa. Its closest relatives are its fellow mongoose species, such as the Angolan Slender Mongoose, Somalian Slender Mongoose, Black Mongoose, and Slender Mongoose. This mongoose species was first described by German paleontologist … Read more

Yellow Mongoose – Cynictis penicillata

Yellow Mongoose Cynictis penicillata

SIZE: Length (including tail) 50 cm, mass 590 g. COLOUR: A varied spectrum, from grey in the north to reddish-yellow or yellowish-brown in the south, with intermediate colour gradations. Southern specimens have a white-tipped tail; Botswana specimens have grey tails. The eyes are yellow. POTENTIAL LONGEVITY: 12 -13 years MOST LIKE: Grey … Read more

SLENDER MONGOOSE – Galerella sanguinea

SLENDER MONGOOSE – Galerella sanguinea

SIZE: Length (including the tail) 60 cm, (f) 55 cm, mass (m) 640 g, (f) 460 g. COLOUR: A wide colour range: from reddish-brown to yellowish or dark brown to olive grey, the body colour being speckled with grey. Underparts are less speckled and the tip of the tail is black or … Read more

DWARF MONGOOSE – Helogale parvula

DWARF MONGOOSE - Helogale parvula

As its name suggests, it is the smallest mongoose found in Africa. Despite its size, this mammal packs a huge personality, extremely gregarious and inquisitive, resembling their meerkat relatives’ behavior. They are stubby, with short but pointed muzzles and long, furry tails. Often found in troops or packs, consisting of 8 to … Read more

Facts About Banded Mongoose

BANDED MONGOOSE - Mungos mungo

The Banded Mongoose is also known for its Latin name Mungos Mungo. These creatures are found in sub-Saharan Africa, and they spend most of their time searching for food. This animal can only reach a length of 30 to 45 cm and a weight of 1.5 to 2.25 kgs. For them to … Read more

WATER MONGOOSE – Atilax paludinosus

WATER MONGOOSE – Atilax paludinosus

SIZE: Length (including tail) 85 cm, mass 3,5 kg. COLOUR: Varies from reddish-brown to brownish black, with a glossy sheen. The head and the underparts may be a little lighter than the back. MOST LIKE: The Cape Clawless Otter but only two-thirds as long and only a quarter as heavy. Uniform brownish … Read more