Wildlife Safari Activities


When taking close-up pictures with a tele-photo lens set the aperture at f8 and focus on the animal’s eyes.This guarantees that most of the animals face will be in focus.

Be prepared and ready with your camera at all times, animals suddenly appear and may only give you a glimpse. A general setting is recommended at f8, servo mode with aperture priority.

Range your subject. For example, when taking photos of an elephant, take a portrait shot, include one more with the general habitat in context to the subject, then another with close-up detail, such as horns and face.

Utilise low contrast film when the sun is intense and high contrast film when it’s overcast or dull.
Take different pictures in vertical and horizontal approaches.

When the subject is in motion, use a shutter speed of at least 1/125, except if you are using a panning method. Birds in flight necessitate speeds of 1/500 or more.

Check the best opportunity. Don’t feel pressured to take a photo at the first chance. If you have the time, take background and foreground interruptions into consideration that may distort your image.

A good starting point for wildlife photography is a lens with a 300mm in focal length. Bird photography will require a 500mm lens.

Do not centre all your shots, leave room in your subject for the animal to move into. This will prevent lifeless composition and give an imitate portrayal of your subject.

Take photographs from different levels when you are on a game viewing activity. Pictures taken at the animal’s eye-level will appear more sensational.

If your prime reason for going on safari is to take photos, do not go on a regular safari. You will find yourself sharing your vehicle with up to 6 guests. So do not expect to stay at any sighting long enough to take any behavioral shots. Fellow guests will not be interested in the magic light.
In short, expect to be frustrated unless you find other photographers to share your vehicle or you book a private game drive at an additional cost.


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