Who was David Livingstone?


David Livingstone is a Scottish physician, missionary, and explorer, who played the most significant role in discovering and mapping the “Dark Continent,” Africa. His expeditions from east to west unfurled the land’s interior and uncharted waters, all while spending effort to reach and evangelize the native people and free them from the … Read more

What are the Hottest Areas of Africa?

Lying within the intertropical zone amidst the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, Africa’s geographical situation exposes the continent to much more concentrated sunlight, compared to the rest of the Earth. With drylands and desert covering 60% of the continent, it’s no surprise that it’s considered the hottest in the … Read more

Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

UNESCO World Heritage sites are exceptional cultural, historical, and natural areas or landmarks that have significant universal value or influence on humanity. Nearly 1,200 monuments exist across the 167 countries in the world. Africa has its fair share of these outstanding locations, with 145 UNESCO sites scattered across the second-largest continent. Today, … Read more

Most Endangered Species in Africa

Africa is a multitude of things. It hosts thousands of tribes and cultures, boasts stunning tropical beaches and vibrant cities, and possesses many geological wonders and awe-inspiring natural sceneries. Of course, the continent is most renowned for its unmatched wildlife diversity, offering travelers with great viewing opportunities to many of the world’s … Read more

Major Mountain Ranges in Africa


At about 30.37 million km² and being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is more than just its renowned savanna grasslands and unique safari experience. The region also features spectacular mountain ranges, a testament that it’s one of the most geographically diverse places on Earth. From the Atlas Mountains to the … Read more

Fun Facts About Botswana Birds


Known as the landlocked country in southern Africa, Botswana is a country rich in flora and fauna. The country has more than 2500 species of plants and 650 species of trees. It is also a rich home to millions of animals, making it a perfect travel destination for those who want to … Read more

GREY RHEBOK – Pelea capreolus

GREY RHEBOK - Pelea capreolus

They may seem average due to their medium size, but they are quick runners that can run up to 59 km/hr, have sharp eyesight, and are excellent jumpers. They are Grey Rheboks, a species of antelope that is native in the African continent. Read further to know more about the Grey Rhebok. … Read more

All about Wildlife Parks in Africa


If you love traveling around the globe and visiting exotic places and sights, then African wildlife parks must be your dream. If you have not thought about it, then you better should as they have to offer sights that reflect nature in their truest form. From spotting wild animals in their natural … Read more