Things to Know About the Thick-tailed Bushbaby

BUSHBABY (Thick-tailed) - Otolemur crassicaudatus

The Thick-tailed Bushbaby is known for many alternative names: Brown Greater Galago, Large-eared Greater Galago, Thick-tailed Galago, and Otolemur crassicaudatus. This nocturnal primate is considered to be the largest among the Galagos family. Compared to other galagos species, the Thick-tailed Bushbaby does not leap. It walks, runs, and jumps. This primate is … Read more

Things You Should Know About Cape Buffalos

BUFFALO - Syncerus caffer

The Cape Buffalo, commonly known as the African Buffalo, Savannah Buffalo, and Syncerus caffer caffer, is a common subspecies found across southern and east Africa. This buffalo subspecies is considered as the biggest buffalo species in the African continent. Other buffalo species include the African Forest Buffalo (the smallest subspecies), Sudan Buffalo, … Read more

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Black-Bellied Korhaans

Black-bellied Korhaan

The Black-Bellied Korhaan, also known as the Black-Bellied Bustard and Lissostis Melanogaster, is a ground-dwelling bird that falls in the Bustard family. The Bustard family includes bird species such as floricans and korhaans. They are large, terrestrial birds that usually frequent dry grassland regions. The Black-Bellied Korhaan’s closest relatives include Bengal Florican, … Read more

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About African Jacanas

African Jacana

The African Jacana, or also known as Actophilornis africanus, is a long-legged wader that belongs to the Jacanidae family. Birds that fall in the Jacanidae family include Lesser Jacana, Madagascan Jacana, Bronze-winged Jacana, Comb-crested Jacana, and Wattled Jacana. This bird species is famed for its ability to walk on floating vegetation, earning … Read more