Learn More about Arnot’s Chat

Arnots Chat

The Arnot’s Chat, also known as the White-headed Black Chat and Myrmecocichla arnotti, is a bird species that is categorized under the Muscicapidae family. This family of birds consists of small passerine birds that emit weak songs and harsh calls. The closest relatives of the Arnot’s Chat include the European Stonechat, Cyprus … Read more

Cape Batis Facts

Cape Batis

The Cape Batis, also known as the Batis capensis or Cape Flycatcher, is a tiny, stout passerine bird that is categorized under the wattle-eye or Platysteiridae family. The family is a group of Wattle-eyes, Batises, and Shrike-flycatchers such as West African Batis, Pale Batis, West African Wattle-eye, Chestnut Wattle-eye, and Forest Batis. … Read more