Facts About the Black Wildebeest

BLACK WILDEBEEST - Connochaetes gnu

The Black Wildebeest is a huge mammal mainly found in the southern region of Africa. Its population faced a dark history, for it once stood on the brink of extinction. Presently, their population is thriving; and this would not be possible without humanity’s collective effort in saving their species. Read further to … Read more

PUKU – Kobus vardonii

PUKU - Kobus vardonii

A native to the Kilombero Valley of Tanzania, Pukus are widely distributed among the southern-central part of the African continent. Sometimes, they are mistaken as Lechwes, Impala, or Southern Reedbuck due to its golden-brown color. However, Pukus have several characteristics that make them stand out among its look-alikes. Read further to know … Read more

Facts About The Red Forest Duiker

RED DUIKER - Cepholophus natalensis

Small but terrible—the Red Forest Duiker is a small antelope that have admirable characteristics and features. If you haven’t heard of the Red Forest Duiker yet, make sure to read further to know more about this animal! What is the Red Forest Duiker? The Red Forest Duiker is famed for many names: … Read more