Facts You Should Know About the Black Rhinoceros

Black Rhinoceros - Diceros bicornis

The Black Rhinoceros, also known as Hooked-lipped Rhinoceros and Diceros bicornis, is a rhino species that is indigenous to eastern and southern Africa. Although commonly referred to as “black,” the color of this species ranges from brown to grey. They are smaller compared to the other two African rhino species. What differs … Read more

Facts About the Black Wildebeest

BLACK WILDEBEEST - Connochaetes gnu

The Black Wildebeest is a huge mammal mainly found in the southern region of Africa. Its population faced a dark history, for it once stood on the brink of extinction. Presently, their population is thriving; and this would not be possible without humanity’s collective effort in saving their species. Read further to … Read more

Black Egret

Black Egret

Sleek, elegant, and admirable—these are probably some words you would say when you come across a flying Black Egret. This bird is primarily dark in color, and it has habits you will not not find in other bird species that makes it quite interesting to learn about. Read on to learn more … Read more

Facts About Black Crakes

Black Crake

The Black Crake, also known as Amaurornis flavirostra and South African Rail, is a bird species categorized in the Rallidae family. This large family of bird species is commonly found in wetlands, although most bird species are found in every terrestrial habitat except deserts and polar regions. The Black Crake’s closest relatives … Read more

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Black Crows

Black Crow

The Black Crow, also known as Cape Crow or Corvus capensis, is a black bird that belongs in the Corvidae family. The Corvidae family is a cosmopolitan family of ravens, crows, jackdaws, jays, magpies, etc. This family of bird species is considered as the largest passerines in the world. The Black Crow’s … Read more

African Black Oystercatcher Facts

African Black Oystercatcher

The African Black Oystercatcher, or known as the African oystercatcher, is a gorgeous, unique shorebird that you will find in the southern region of the African continent. It’s not colorful like other birds, but its eye-catching characteristics will surely capture your attention. This bird is characterized by its jet-black plumage and reddish-orange … Read more