Cape Peninsula National Park


The Cape Peninsula is the thin finger of land in the south-westernmost corner of Africa, with the city of Cape Town at its head. As you travel south towards Cape Point, the land gets narrower until it disappears into the ocean, with nothing beyond except Antarctica. The Cape Peninsula National Park is … Read more

Cape Fox (Vulpes chama)

CAPE FOX- Vulpes chama

It is a small snuggly and elegant fox, with conspicuous big ears, often regarded as the South African counterpart of the Fennec Fox. It is the only true fox in its range in southern Africa, thriving in semi-arid regions, savannas, and grassy plains while finding refuge in burrows, holes, and dense thickets. … Read more

Cape Hare (Lepus capensis)

CAPE HARE - Lepus capensis

It is a pale brown to a reddish or sandy-gray hare, who is a native to Africa. It is easily recognizable through its conspicuous long ears, which always stays upright. Females are larger than males. They differ from the Scrub Hare, being smaller in size and sans the whitish underside. Read further … Read more

Cape Batis Facts

Cape Batis

The Cape Batis, also known as the Batis capensis or Cape Flycatcher, is a tiny, stout passerine bird that is categorized under the wattle-eye or Platysteiridae family. The family is a group of Wattle-eyes, Batises, and Shrike-flycatchers such as West African Batis, Pale Batis, West African Wattle-eye, Chestnut Wattle-eye, and Forest Batis. … Read more