Fascinating Information About the Burchell’s Zebra

BURCHELLS ZEBRA - Equus burchelli

It is a very social mammal, and its black and white stripes make it strikingly beautiful—most people call it a Burchell’s Zebra. Famed for its keen ability to form deep connections with other members of its kind, Burchell’s Zebra may be one of the most adorable mammals that live on the planet. … Read more

MOUNTAIN ZEBRA – Equus zebra

MOUNTAIN ZEBRA - Equus zebra

SIZE: Shoulder height (m) 1,27 m, (f) 1,24 m, mass (m) 255 kg, (f) 245 kg. COLOUR: Whitish or cream-coloured coat overlaid by black stripes. White underbody has dark central stripe extending from chest to belly. SPEED: 65 km/hr GESTATION PERIOD: 12 months POTENTIAL LONGEVITY: 35 years MOST LIKE: Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, … Read more