Interesting Facts About the Grey Lourie

Grey Lourie

The Grey Lourie, also known as the Grey Go-away-bird, Grey Loerie, kwêvoël, and Corythaixoides concolor, is a bird species commonly found in the southern Afrtotropics. This species belongs in the Turaco family, together with its close relatives such as the White-bellied Go-away-bird, Great Blue Turaco, Black-billed Turaco, Yellow-billed Turaco, and Purple-crested Turaco. … Read more

GREY MONGOOSE (Small) – Galerella pulverulenta

GREY MONGOOSE (Small) - Galerella pulverulenta

The Cape Grey Mongoose, also known as Small Grey Mongoose or Galerella pulverulenta, is a mammal commonly found in southern Africa. Its closest relatives are its fellow mongoose species, such as the Angolan Slender Mongoose, Somalian Slender Mongoose, Black Mongoose, and Slender Mongoose. This mongoose species was first described by German paleontologist … Read more