Wattled Plover (Vanellus senegallus)

Wattled Plover

It is a large, brownish bird with a distinct yellow wattle, accentuated by a red base. Pair or small groups are often seen in wet grasslands and marshes, though they can also be found in cropped or burnt grasslands, and cultivated fields. They attract attention with their loud “peep-peep-peep” calls. Read further … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Laughing Dove

Lesser Black-winged Plover

The Black-winged Lapwing, also known as Greater Black-winged Lapwing, Black-winged Plover, and Vanellus melanopterus, is a small bird species that is endemic to eastern Africa, particularly in Ethiopian highlands in the north to central Kenya, and in eastern South Africa. The Black-winged Lapwing is categorized under the family Charadriidae, consisting of 64 … Read more