ROCK HYRAX – Procavia capensis

ROCK HYRAX – Procavia capensis

SIZE: Length 55 cm, mass (m) 3,75 kg, (f) 3,55 kg. COLOUR: Various shades of brown, from dark brown to yellow-grey. Neck and flanks lighter than back. Throat and belly lighter brown, but not whitish. A patch of long black hair covers dorsal gland in the centre of the back. GESTATION PERIOD: … Read more

Rock Pigeon (Columba livia)

Rock Pigeon

It is a large dove common in farmland and cities around the world. Wild counterparts often thrive on cliffs, while the feral groups have quickly adjusted nesting on infrastructures, such as bridges and skyscrapers. Both domestic and feral birds come in color varieties, ranging from gray to white, orangey-brown, and black. Read … Read more

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting (Emberiza tahapisi)

Rock Bunting

It is a bunting with a black-and-orange bill, black-and-brown barred upperparts, and conspicuous cinnamon underparts. This bird occurs mostly solitarily or in pairs and prefers open grounds, such as quarries, gullies, rugged outcrops, moist and arid savannas, and semi-deserts, often identified due to its jarring song. Read further to know more about … Read more