SPOTTED HYAENA – Crocuta crocuta

SPOTTED HYAENA – Crocuta crocuta

SIZE: Shoulder height 80 cm, mass (m) 60 kg, (f) 65 kg. COLOUR: Greyish yellow body. Feet and face darker brown, oval shaped dark spots are scattered over the body. POTENTIAL LONGEVITY: 25 years WALKING SPEED: 5 km/ hr RUNNING SPEED: 50 km/ hr GESTATION PERIOD: 3 months MOST LIKE: Brown Hyaena, … Read more

Spotted Eagle-Owl (Bubo africanus)

Spotted Eagle Owl

It is a large-grayish brown owl, with erect ear-tufts, and striking yellow eyes, and is the commonest large-owl in its range, thriving in thinly-wooded habitats. It has a finely-spotted lower breast and belly, and known for their distinct, soft, ringing, “whooo-whooo’ call, seemingly sounding like “whooo are you?” Read further to know … Read more

Spotted Dikkop (Burhinus capensis)

Spotted Dikkop

It is a tall, orange-brown, plover-like bird that thrives in drier habitats, avoiding the wetlands. It boasts huge yellow eyes, perfect for its nocturnal lifestyle. During the days, its puzzling plumage, allowing it to hide undercover effectively. Once the dark sets in, it comes outs again preying on insects. This bird is … Read more