The Top Three Destinations To Visit To Stay Mindful In Recovery

There’s a lot to think about when you’re in recovery from an addiction. Most importantly, trying not to fall off the wagon.

We all know what substance abuse can do to the body. For example, abusing cocaine may lead to severe health conditions such as strokes, heart problems and much more. It’s the same with alcohol and the severe liver problems that can be faced.

Which is why getting treatment is so important. But it doesn’t just stop once you’ve gone through withdrawal and treatment, it’s in recovery where the hard work starts.

Being mindful is a big part of that, and when it comes to your first vacation there are some amazing destinations that you can really connect with yourself and focus on your recovery.

So, where are the best destinations to visit to stay mindful in your recovery?


For those thinking about a trip to Europe, Spain is an excellent option that has a changing landscape from beautiful beaches to vibrant cities and rugged mountain ranges.

There are dozens of incredible meditation retreats across those landscapes that you can really enjoy some downtime.

Away from the mainland, there’s also the Canary Islands with even more impressive landscapes that you can really escape into such as Mount Teide in Tenerife, ideal for a trek up before coming down and taking in the many resorts’ yoga and meditation offerings.

California, USA

For a number of years, the state of California has been a real hotspot for yoga, meditation and luxury retreats. Continually sun drenched, many movie stars escape to California as part of their recovery, while you’ll find more yoga classes than almost anywhere on the planet.

The state is full of amazing national parks too that you can really escape to and be at one with the natural world.


Thailand feels like the home of mindfulness and for many yogis and people looking to find themselves it’s a must visit.

There are world class spa resorts in Thailand as well as Buddhist sanctuaries that have been practicing meditation for hundreds of years.

If you’re looking for peace, then you will undoubtedly find it in Thailand.


Sticking in that part of the world, Indonesia is another destination that many see as the home of mindfulness.

Bali, in particular, is a great place for a meditation retreat and there are dozens of fantastic five-star retreats that are the ideal spots for spending a few weeks whether you’re new to being in recovery or five, 10, 15 years or beyond into it.