Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Cake

Whenever it comes to tying the knot, one of the trickiest aspects of planning a great wedding event is choosing the right wedding cake.

But it all bottles down to your bakery of choice, you, your wedding venue, and your guests. So you see there’s a whole lot of considerations to make.

To save you the hassle, I have written the complete blueprint on how to pick a wedding cake baker and everything related to choosing a wedding cake that will grace your day. Before getting into it, you may want to check out this Enchanted Valley Wedding Venue.

Now, to the main thing.

Step 1; Venue Counts

You read that right. Your wedding venue influences your cake. Seeing your buttercream cake melting and looking ugly in one hour can be avoided if your venue wasn’t an outdoor summer venue. Or, conversely, if you’d opted for a fondant cake with a modern aesthetic.

Step 2; Know Your Guests

Do you have an eye on that 3-tier cake already? If you answered yes, the next question is do you really need it. I mean, have you considered the number of your guests? Are they large enough to avoid cake wastage? In fewer words, align the size of your cake with the number of your guests to avoid both wastage and scarcity.

Step 3; Get Ideas

Who says brainstorming isn’t fun? This is no rocket science! Browse through popular social media platforms to spot creative cake images that will rock your mind. Pinterest and Instagram are two great places to start. You might as well use a popular search engine like Google to find popular cake bloggers for their galleries of wedding cake images.

Step 4; Find Bakers

You need a shortlist of creative bakers at first. These bakers can be found by attending wedding events and linking yourself up. Or you might as well look through a business listing. When you go for the second option, endeavor to do a background check on each listed baker by reading real customer reviews and watching success stories online coming from real customers.

Step 5; Pick A Style

This doesn’t only depend on your wedding theme of choice but also on your lifestyle and the kind of wedding cake pictures you’re looking forward to. Would you want something Romantic or rather anything whimsical? Are you both old souls in which case nothing can make you happier than having a vintage or rustic cake? You see, this is where only you and your partner get to make a private decision.

Step 6; Appoint A Meeting

From your shortlist of bakers, pick the best 3 with the highest number of positive reviews from customers. Schedule a meeting to discuss your cake design, bottom-line basics, and costs.

Also, let them know your wedding date and venue so they can craft their services around you. Finally, be inspired to fearlessly try out varieties of cake flavors. This may take time, but it’s all about your wedding. Don’t make it a funeral.