Tips for Fishing in the Safari

Fishing is considered by a lot of people to be one of the most fun activities to do while outdoors. For many people fishing is much loved hobby.  Some people find fishing very relaxing, while others find it exhilarating, so the emotions and experiences you will get from the said activity would depend on where you are fishing and what fishes you are aiming to get.

In the safari, you will discover that fishing is much more exciting in that type of land, as fish there are usually bigger and more difficult to catch. If you are a relative newbie in fishing, you will find it quite challenging to catch fish in the safari, but as long as you know several basic tips and tricks, you will be able to get your biggest catch in no time. Here are some tips for fishing in the safari.

Selecting a Fishing Line

There are many different types or kinds of fishing lines that can be bought in physical and online shops, although there are only a few types that are suitable for safari fishing. Because bigger fish can be found in safaris, it would be great if you could get fishing lines that are thick and durable. One of the best fishing lines for safaris is my favorite braided fishing line, which is twice as strong as the monofilament line, which is the most common type of fishing line bought by many.

Due to how strong and durable braided fishing lines are, you may need to bring with you a pair of sharp scissors or nail clippers to trim the length of the lines. Moreover, they can get slippery very easily, so try to use knots in order to keep the hook in place at the end of the fishing line.

Use New Hooks

One of the most important tips that you should follow when you’re fishing in the safari or in any other location is to always use new hooks, as you want it to be as sharp as possible to make it easier to catch fish, especially the bigger ones. The sharper the hook is, the better it can do in making sure that its pointy end will pierce through the fish’s mouth easily.

While this is a fairly easy top to follow, there are many beginner and veteran fishermen that still use old and dull hooks for fishing. Always use new hooks so that you will have a higher chance of getting a catch for every hook or bait.

Choosing a Lure Color

In addition to hooks and fishing lines, you should also need to choose what kind of lure you will need for fishing in the safari in Africa and other locations in the world. It is essential that you match the color of your lure with the color of the water. In safaris, you will often have to deal with greenish waters, so for fishing, you will have to get a lime or yellowish color for your lure so that it would stand out a little bit without being too out of place in the water.

Most of the fish that you will catch on the safari would often have the same color as the water or your lure. So, attracting them with a color that they are familiar with would prove to be more effective in catching them.

Picking the Best Lure Size

Besides the color, it is also crucial for you to pick the best lure size for safari fishing. Since you will be catching bigger fishes, you will have to get lures that are slightly bigger in size than normal or a lure that looks like the prey that the fish predators would usually hunt in the water.

So, it is also important to do a little bit of research when it comes to fish prey so that you will know what the predators would usually like to hunt down and eat in the waters of the safari. Know the profile and length of every type of lure, as well, so that you can compare it to common safari fish prey.

Choose the Best Time to Go Fishing

Choosing the best time to go fishing in the safari is also essential if you want to have a bigger chance of getting a catch. In the morning and afternoon, a lot of fishes would usually seek shade during those times, especially when the waters get too warm. So, the best time to fish in the safari is during the late afternoon to dawn, where fishes would typically be more active in hunting for prey or food since the water feels much cooler.

Of course, if it gets too dark, you are the one that will have a disadvantage since you really won’t be able to see where you are going or where you are fishing, even if you have a flashlight. So try to fish late in the afternoon and go home or retreat once it is too dark in the safari.

Get the Best Fishing Gear

Lastly, before you go fishing in the safari, you would first have to get the best fishing gear, which includes a durable rod and reel. Because your aim in safari fishing is to get the biggest fish possible, it is important that you have the strongest fishing gear that will be able to withstand the weight of the caught fish, as well as have enough strength to pull the fish easily.

So, if you are going to buy a durable braided fishing line, you should obviously pair it up with a strong fishing rod and reel for the ultimate fishing gear that you can use in the safari. Make sure that you read reviews about the different rods and reels you can buy so that you will be able to determine which ones are perfect or suitable for safari fishing.

And these are the best tips that we can provide you to have a more fun and exciting experience in safari fishing. As we have stated previously, you should compare reviews and specs of the items you will buy first so that you will have the best fishing gear for your next trip on the safari.