Top Sailing Spots in Southern California 2022

There are many unique activities that visitors can enjoy along the Southern California coast, but sailing is certainly one of the best. Anybody who’s ever enjoyed this maritime pastime can confirm that it’s a soothing way to take in the seaside scenery while partaking in the luxuries of a boat. If you’re not an experienced sailor, though — or you simply want to let somebody else take the lead — you can invest in a guided tour from Next Level Sailing San Diego. A tour lets you see all of the most beautiful areas without any distractions. Discover why San Diego is internationally renowned as a top sailing destination.

Best Coastlines for Sailing

There are many coastal areas you can explore if you’re seeking out adventure. Among these are Oceanside, Mission Bay, and Dana Point, which are all known to be hotspots for sailing. Many boaters set sail in search of whales, but these gentle giants are notoriously elusive if you aren’t a skilled searcher. That’s why many visitors choose to invest in a whale catching tour San Diego. A whale watching tour is guided by an experienced professional who knows all of the best secret spots for sighting whales — and when you see them, you’ll be stunned by their magnificence.

If you do decide to head onto the ocean without a guide for long beach whale watching, though, there are a few key tips you can try to boost your chances of seeing whales. Safety always comes first, so you should start by ensuring that everybody is wearing a life jacket. You should understand how to approach a whale in the water, too, if you see one. It’s essential that you slowly approach them from the side, parallel to their body, while maintaining a respectful distance. Don’t ever try to feed whales, and don’t try to disrupt or interact with them.

Best Lakes for Sailing

If a peaceful lakeside sailing date is more your speed than the adrenaline of whale watching, you’re in luck. There are plenty of beautiful lakes that can accommodate sailboats in San Diego. The Saint Vincente Reservoir is one of the most popular destinations for sailing, as is Lake Murray. Diamond Valley Lake is also an attractive option, but it reportedly limits sailing to the months October through May. You should always check to ensure a lake permits sailing before you make plans.

You can also enjoy a sunset cocktail cruise San Diego on one of the city’s many beautiful bodies of water. This luxury experience starts with hors d’oeuvres and continues with an incredible selection of local wine, craft beer — and, of course, cocktails. Whether you want to enjoy this experience for yourself or wine and dine a special date, there’s no better way to take in the stunning views of San Diego. Every cruise is fully staffed, and the luxury of the 139-foot yacht simply can’t be beat. Explore the city in style with a cocktail cruise as you watch the sun set over the bay.