Visiting Spain’s Most Popular Island – The Gran Canaria

If you have never been to any of the exotic European locations, once the restrictions of the lockdown have seized, you have to put this location on your bucket list. What was formerly known as the ‘Kingdom of Spain’, and now called ‘Spain’, has been one of the top-rated vacation locations from any other worldwide, and for good reason.

Located in the Southwestern part of Europe, Spain has some of the most magnificent barren landscapes that anyone can fall in love it. To see what this magnificent place is all about keep reading this article.

Located near the Mediterranean Sea and bordering France in the northeastern region and Portugal on its western part, you not only get to visit the places it includes but also the neighboring locations which are just as popular and exciting for tourists.

Magnificent Islands of Spain

There are 11 different Islands that Spain has to offer when visiting. Namely:

  • Tenerife – Which has a population of just over 920,604 residents. Also called “Santa Cruz de Tenerife” and the city of the same name is part of the Canary Islands. You can do hiking experience of Mount Teide summit with permit.
  • Mallorca – Which has a population of just over 910,170 residents. Also referred to as “Palma Baleares (Balears)” and is part of the Balearic Islands.
  • Gran Canaria – Has about 855,521 residents living there and is known as “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria” in Spanish and is part of the Canary Islands. This is the third largest of all 11 and is the most popular amongst tourists. Did we mention it hosts some of the biggest carnivals in the world?
  • Lanzarote – is smaller with 155,810 people and its capital city is known as “Arrecife” which is part of the Canary Islands.
  • Ibiza (Eivissa) – known for its music festivals and live concerts which hosts some of the big names in the industry, Ibiza has a population of 151,810 and is part of the Balearic Islands.
  • Fuerteventura – whose capital is Puerto del Rosario has just over 119,000 people living in the town and also part situated in the Canary Islands.
  • Other smaller and well-known islands include Menorca, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro which you can get to via boat or cruise liner.

Gran Canaria

Out of all the above islands, one of the most popular ones that many tourists and homeowners frequent is Garn Canaria. Without a doubt, this location has an array of exciting and fun things for people from all walks of life and ages to enjoy.

Whether you go on a short or a long break, there is always something enjoyable to do, and different foods and drinks to try, not to mention the variety of water sports available, in the clear blue sea and white sandy beaches.

From the dolphin parks and botanic gardens to the landmarks made of volcanic rocks or museums of culture and history, you will never get bored when you’re here, which is why so many people frequent this area every year during summer months, which typically spans the majority of the year so you have various booking options and length of stays available:

Things to Keep in Mind

Rent a Vehicle For Your Enjoyment

Because of the lush landscapes and outback adventures offered in the Gran Canaria, first-time visitors who have not yet grasped the terrains and the European systems, it is always best to be prepared when booking your holiday.

This includes not only shopping for the right summer and beach outfits but also booking a means of transportation to get you to the various destinations, so you can make the most out of the trip and soak all that it has to offer. A highly recommended aspect to include in your list is to rent a car to drive around with, as opposed to using their public transport.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the public system in Spain, however, if you want to enjoy your trip, as a first-times, and be comfortable, not to mention save those extra Euros, renting a car would be the best suggestion we could make.

You can do this either before you fly down or when you are there and once you have checked out of the city airport and look for a leiebil Gran Canaria to suit your needs. There are many types of vehicles available for you, from big to small, and even 4×4 which would be the perfect vehicle for those who are keen on making the most of their hiking adventures (which they are also known for).

Hiking is a popular pastime activity here and you can choose to go at it alone or with a group of people, via booking companies that offer a selected variety of trails for some epic sightseeing for you and your family. It hosts one of the largest natural crags in the world and legends tell of tales of the indigenous people who once worshipped these gigantic boulders.

Be Adventurous and Try Everything

If you are into seafood, you have come to the right place when visiting the Canaria. They have some of the freshest seafood available to whet anyone’s appetite, and their international cuisines are rated some of the world’s best and tastiest delicacies anyone can find.

Perhaps it’s the fact that their population is cosmopolitan, or just that they often get many tourists who invest in the location by buying a holiday home or running a restaurant, that they have so many different modern and traditional menus.

You can choose from their traditional dishes, like chorizo (Spanish sausage) and Tapas (Spanish appetizers) or go for something a bit more modern with both savory and sweet tastes. They also have lots of traditional food markets that you can visit and try their exotic foods, fresh and on the spot, from a variety of fruits and vegetables that you may never have heard of. They also grow almond trees in their desserts and sell these fresh from the pick, at these markets, for you to eat and take back home with you (when allowed).

Settle for Land or Sea?

Settle for Land or Sea

Where else would you go to experience the best of both worlds – some underwater activities coupled with land adventures too? Gran Canaria of course! If you have never tried your hand at snorkeling or diving, this is the best place to start. Their rich underwater sea life can keep you busy for hours and you can learn how to dive underwater, as well as off some of their dedicated cliff-side locations.

They have fantastic water sports that you can choose from such as water skiing, kayaking or boating, and if you do decide, that it is not your thing, you can also go for the land activities, such as nature trails amongst the mountains or hire a bike and take it for a ride for the day and do some of your explorations at your leisure.

Taking time off to visit places such as these helps with both mind and body rejuvenation. Let’s face it, some of us have had a tough year and your soul could use some of that TLC as well! So grab a rental car and either drive down or fly down to any of the above-mentioned cities to experience something of a difference. And don’t forget your sunscreen!