Warehouse Equipment Checklist

Running a warehousing business is profitable and tasking at the same time. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to up your game as an established brand, in this post you’ll find out the important equipment used in warehouse to improve productivity and fine-tune workflow. Drill in.

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Equipment For Fast, Safe, and improved productivity

If you want to avoid the drawbacks and speed up your productivity, these pieces of equipment are must-have.

  • Handling Equipment; machines like forklifts and hand trucks are more advanced than the crude method of letting your workers do the heavy-lifting of moving loads into the warehouse. For one, these vehicles can carry more load at a time, thereby speeding up the whole handling process. Another thing about using a forklift is that it eliminates most of your workers’ exposure to accidents.
  • Packaging equipment; presenting the goods stored in your warehouse to your customers is a way to win even more customers. But for the most part, effective packaging means easy and accurate tracking for your inventory. With equipment like an industrial scale for accuracy in weight measurement, packaging tables for easy packaging, and stretch wrap machines, you can go steps ahead of your competitors.
  • Equipment Storage Facility; your forklifts need all the space required for easy movement of loads. Having your unused tools and equipment such as pallets (coming to that soon) all over the floor can be a deterrent. Exactly why you need efficient shelving systems such as racks to store pallets in place and specialty racks to protect delicate tools. Also, make sure to utilize high-quality FRP grating in your warehouse to prevent corrosion and to avoid electrical-related accidents, especially if you are working near highly electrically hazardous equipment.  Check out the best FRP grate for sale that you can purchase online.

Equipment For Safety

At times, accidents are inevitable. And that’s where the role of first aid resources becomes important. See below for the safety equipment that must be provided in your warehouse location.

  • Barrier Rails; creating barriers between equipment, forklifts, and workers will help to curb possible accidents and injuries. And that is where barrier rails come in handy. These structures will be there to restrict your employees’ access to heavy traffic while allowing through-the-fence access via lift-outs. Together with barrier rails, handrails, and bollards can be integrated as safety measure.
  • First aid kit; in most cases, accidents are inevitable. So it makes sense to make provision for emergency health treatments by having a first aid training from Coast to Coast First Aid in Burlington. As speculated by the International Safety Equipment Association, the things that you must have in your first aid box are; bandages, antiseptics, plasters, scissors, blades, methylated spirits, aspirin, and cotton wool.
  • Barricade Gates; these gates create the needed barrier between storage spaces and your employees. Depending on your budget, either a magnetic or a wheeled barricade gate will do.

Other pieces of safety equipment include; warehouse hardhats, safety signs, anti-fatigue mats, and wheel chokes.

Miscellaneous Warehouse Equipment

  • Rolling ladders; for safely reaching for the goods stored on high shelves.
  • Heavy-lifting gloves; these gloves are a protective measure whilst allowing comfortable movement of heavy loads.
  • Mezzanines; without having to expand your facility, Mezzanines are a way to go when considering adding more space.