What are the Advantages of Cryptocurrency over Fiat Money?

The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly. Even after the market collapse in the spring of 2022, we can see numerous interesting crypto projects emerging. After all, many smart investors believe that the best option is to buy crypto when it is cheap and the market is down, and hold it until the citation changes, and a new upward trend begins.

Cryptocurrency is available for buying and trading on crypto exchanges. The most popular and trusted are:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi
  • WhiteBIT.

These are centralized platforms working officially and adhering to all the regulations in this field. Centralisation allows one to deposit fiat to crypto exchange and convert it back and withdraw fiat money in a matter of minutes. Registered and verified clients can attach their bank cards and work with crypto assets. They offer a large number of digital assets for trading and a range of fiat currencies for working with bank cards (depositing or withdrawing).

Why do people buy crypto?

Reasons Why Crypto is Better than Fiat

Here are some reasons why buy crypto:

  • Low fees. Compared with bank fees for transferring currencies, crypto transactions are much cheaper.
  • No limits. Again compared with banks, crypto has no limits on deposits and withdrawals and transfers money worldwide.
  • Transactions around the world with no delays – lightning-fast remittances are available via crypto only.
  • No middlemen, no additional costs.
  • No bank regulation.
  • Total transparency of operations – all transactions are recorded in a blockchain. They can’t be hidden or removed.

Plus, crypto assets allow for making a lot of money via trading and investment. Since crypto rates are not controlled by banks, they are very volatile, so if you know how the market works, you will make a profit efficiently.

Crypto has the same use cases as fiat money: you can buy services, order goods and food, book hotels and trips, etc. Some real estate companies accept crypto payments.

If you want to begin your journey to the crypto world, welcome to the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. That’s a credible and reliable platform for trading and investing in crypto.