What Hunting Mentors Do and How They Can Help

Hunting can be a challenging venture, especially if you don’t have someone to teach you the ropes.

Watching YouTube videos and reading hunting books may accelerate your learning curve, but they aren’t enough to teach you everything you need to know about hunting.

However, a mentor can be of great help if you’ve just started your hunting journey. From teaching you how to scout to helping you choose the best rifle scope from this ScopesReviews article, a hunting mentor will give you the hands-on learning you need to become an excellent hunter.

And if you’re still in doubt that a hunting mentor is a great asset for you, read on and understand who hunting mentors are and what they do.

Who is a Hunting Mentor, and What Do They Do?

A hunting mentor is anyone willing to hold your hand through your first hunt.

Most mentors are seasoned hunters who are willing to teach you everything you need to know to become a great hunter.

For instance, they will teach you the most appropriate places to hunt, help you buy the best hunting equipment, teach you hunting tips, take you on a one-on-one hunt, and always be available to guide and answer any hunting questions you might have.

How Can a Hunting Mentor Help?

Hunting mentors encourage, guide, and help new budding hunters and anglers to become skillful hunters.

It’s unfortunate that so many people are interested in hunting but don’t have mentors in their social network who can hold their hands.

If you’re a novice hunter, a hunting mentor can help you in the following ways:

1. Pass Down Their Hunting Knowledge

Experienced hunters who are mentors are willing to pass down hunting knowledge and traditions that novice hunters can’t find in books or other learning materials.

For instance, a mentor may share good conservation practices, regulations, and safe hunting practices that they have learned over the years.

Besides, a mentor will guide and encourage you and other beginners not to give up even when you make mistakes or become discouraged.

2. Pass On the Hunting Enthusiasm

Mentors pass along their love for hunting.

Even when hunting is slow, they keep a positive attitude, encouraging novice hunters not to give up.

They share the joys of being in nature, helping beginners to learn that hunting is more than just catching a game.

3. Promote Ethical Hunting

Hunting mentors teach beginners ethical hunting behavior. This helps conserve the environment and promotes responsible hunting.

For instance, your mentor may teach you the importance of practicing with your hunting gear before going for a hunt and the benefits of adhering to your state’s hunting laws.

Other ethical hunting practices that mentors often teach their learners include:

  • Respect for natural resources
  • Respect for the animals
  • Respect for the animals’ habitats
  • Respect for other hunters
  • Respect for non-hunters
  • Respect for landowners

Where Can You Find a Hunting Mentor?

If you’re wondering where you can find a mentor to help you kick-start your hunting journey, here are a few places to start from.

Join conservation groups – Conservation groups such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or the National Wild Turkey Federation often hold meetings that welcome both senior and beginner hunters. These organizations also host events where they teach new hunters how to hunt.

Ask around – If you have someone in mind who you think can help you become a good hunter, go ahead and request their help. You can also ask active hunters in your locality if there is anyone who would be willing to become your mentor.

Search online – Most hunting groups have online programs where they promote their beginner hunting classes. Searching online may also help you find state agencies that have hunts programs. Attending such events and programs may help you find someone willing to mentor you.

In closing, if you’re just starting out as a hunter, and you have no one in your social circle to guide you, consider seeking the help of a hunting mentor. A mentor will hold your hand, help you grow as a hunter, and ensure you fall in love with wildlife and nature.