What Is A BAIID – Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device?

BAIID is an acronym for breath alcohol ignition interlock device. The device measures your breath alcohol content (BrAC). The device is connected to your car’s ignition and ensures that you pass a test before you will be able to start your car. To pass a test, you have to blow air into the device and if no alcohol is detected, you will be allowed to start your vehicle.

Who Uses A BAIID?

You may be required to use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device in your car after an alcohol-related traffic conviction. Or if you have a high blood alcohol concentration.


All the costs include the cost of installation, monthly rental fee, and monitoring fee. Although the price varies depending on the device provider, the average costs you can look forward to are $85 for installation, $80 monthly for rental, and $30 every month as a monitoring fee. The money for installation and rental is paid to the vendor while the monitoring fee is paid to the Secretary of State’s office.


Once it has been installed, you must blow air into the breath alcohol ignition interlock device to start your car. After that, breath samples must be provided during the trip by you or whoever drives the car regardless of their driving history. If the device detects a BrAC higher than the legal limit, the device will prevent you from starting your car.


Every 60 days, you are required to visit the office of the Secretary of State for a review of your breath alcohol ignition interlock device for violations. Failure to show up for review within 7 days will be seen as a violation. Also, tampering with your device, operating a vehicle without a BAIID, or getting arrested for drunk driving will be considered a violation.

Consequences Of A Violation

When a violation is detected, you will be issued a BAIID violation explanation letter which you must respond to. If not, your suspension period may be extended by three months for every violation. Other consequences include impounding your car for 30 days after three violations and your car being seized after four violations.


You can make an appeal for your violations to the Administrative Hearings Section. The violation appeal must be written and submitted within 14 days of the effective days of reinstatement.

Early Removal

As a first-time offender, in the laws of some states, you may qualify for early removal of your breath alcohol ignition interlock device. To qualify for early removal, your blood alcohol content must be according to the required guideline. Lastly, you must have been at least 21 years old at the time of your conviction to also qualify for the early removal of your device.

Device Removal Extension

Your device manufacturer keeps data on your breath alcohol ignition interlock system. They keep records of all your breath tests and their results. Therefore, if you fail a breath test three times in a year, you may not be allowed to remove your device and your suspension may be extended.


At the end of your suspension, you can check if you are eligible for the removal of your breath alcohol ignition interlock device. Strict laws are surrounding the removal of a BAIID. You must never attempt to remove your device on your own. Only authorized personnel from your device manufacturer can remove your BAIID.

Rather than lose all driving privileges after a DUI charge, breath alcohol ignition interlock devices help you keep driving but just with restrictions. You can also hire a DUI lawyer to help with legal matters. If you feel there is a high chance you might still drink and drive, you can also decide to keep your BAIID at a lower cost.