What You Need When Taking Your Pet With You To A Safari

Travelling abroad with your pet can be stressful more so when taking a flight. You can ensure maximum comfort for yourself and your pet by following certain tips. If you are planning a safari, you can take your pet along, however, there are some things you need to keep in mind for a hassle-free experience. In this discussion, we explore what you need on your bucket list when taking your pet on a safari. Keep reading:

Book a vet appointment

Visiting a vet should be the first thing on your checklist because this ensures your furry friend is in good health and ready for travel. When flying abroad, the majority of countries may require a health certificate from a certified vet. Some veterinarians may not be USDA-certified and therefore this may delay the process for several months. It’s important to book your vet visit early and check with your airline about the requirements for traveling with your vet. Some airlines may not be very strict and could only require a health certificate from your vet.

Additionally, during a vet visit, your pet will undergo several medical tests to ascertain that they are in good health and ready for travel. The vet may recommend certain medications and vaccinations before travel. Pets can be uncomfortable, especially during a long-haul flight, and may be aggressive. In this case, the vet may recommend antidepressants to calm your pet during a flight.

Gather information about your destination

The internet is the number one resource for any information. When planning a safari, it would help if you can do a quick research of your destination. This can give you a rough idea of what to expect when you finally travel. In addition, you can be aware of the regulations and laws regarding taking pets on safaris.

As you already know, countries may have laws concerning pets arriving to curb the spread of contagious diseases such as rabies. Therefore, there may be laws in place that require quarantine of pets upon arrival. It’s important to prepare for this eventuality before booking the next flight. Often you could be asked to provide a quarantine certificate when you land in your dream destination.

If you are planning on staying in a hotel or Airbnb accommodation, it’s vital to check whether your hosts allow pets in their vicinity. If they do allow it, find out if they have the most important essentials for your pet. For instance, if they don’t have pet water fountains you can consider buying one upon arrival. Usually, the best water fountains for cats available online are highly recommended since you can compare different brands.

An import certificate is also important documentation that you need when entering into a foreign country. Notably, your airline will inform you about the type of documents that you need before entering a certain country. Therefore you need to confirm these details early to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Is the airline pet-friendly?

After obtaining the required health certificates, the next step is to book a flight. Usually, it’s recommended to book your ticket earlier because there’s less space available for pets. Some airlines may have varying policies regarding pets on board. For example, they may ask for information about the species and breed. Some airlines may not allow exotic breeds, while others may have weight restrictions. In addition, some airlines may not allow a pet if the flight is more than 10 hours. In this case, it’s important to check if there’s a layover to ensure your pet’s comfort.

In addition, in most cases, large pets are not permitted to board airplanes. Nonetheless, some flights are pet-only and this could be a good option if your pet is big-bodied.

Take good care of your pet

As mentioned earlier, pets can be stressed especially on a long-haul flight. Your duty as a pet parent is to ensure your furry friend is safe and comfortable throughout the journey. Remember to have a pet carrier, a blanket, or a toy to keep them busy. Some little activities can also help in ensuring they are occupied which can prevent distraction. You can also consider giving them treats at various intervals. Ensure you have enough food and water bottles in your bag. Don’t also forget poop packs for their bathroom breaks. Before travel, try plane noise simulations inside the house to prepare your pet for what is ahead. This can ease the tension and anxiety during actual boarding.


If you are traveling on a safari and would like to bring your pet along, it’s vital to gather information about your destination. Preparing early is crucial as this can save time and prevent last-minute hassles. Importantly, remember to have essential pet essentials such as pet water fountains from uahpet.