Wild Adventures: The Top Safari & Wildlife-Themed Mobile Games  

The chance to go on a wild safari adventure doesn’t come around often. Whether you’ve dreamed of hitting a unique biome in Africa, South America, or Asia, you might be waiting quite a few years before the opportunity materializes. Or, if you’ve recently been on safari, you may be waiting a few years for another chance to get into the wild outdoors.

Regardless of the delays you face, there are a few ways that you can get your scratch your wild safari itch. One of the most immersive ways is to seek out games that cover these types of outdoor themes, whether focusing on wildlife photography, survivalism, or simply relaxing. Playing a game lets adventurers keep exploring digital frontiers while they wait for their next trip.

We’ve compiled a few of the best options on the market. These short-form games can be accessed straight from a mobile device and are straightforward enough for first-time gamers to start playing and enjoying. Let’s explore.

Online Slots: 800 Pound Gorilla & Elephant Gold

In the world of casino gaming, online slots are the most popular choice for gamers. Slots cover a huge range of themes—wildlife and safari adventures included. These can be accessed straight from your mobile device once you have the app downloaded. We recommend checking out 800 Pound Gorilla and Elephant Gold, both of which touch on some of Africa’s most popular safari themes.

The former covers the adventures of a silverback gorilla located in a lush jungle, harkening back to the clouded forests of central Africa. The symbols, audio design, and visuals take players right into a brush with Mother Nature. The latter instead depicts a more traditional safari, which includes animals like elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and more.

Photography: Wildersess & Beasts of Maravilla Island

Many people head to the Serengeti and similar locations in order to flex their photography skills. Given these reserves include some of the world’s largest and most exotic animals, it’s no wonder that many dream of snapping a picture of an African elephant, a group of hyenas, or a mighty lion.

We’ve got two photography simulators to recommend. Wilderless takes players through a peaceful, deciduous forest where they can explore and snap photos. The goal is to relax as you explore this stunning landscape and take a few photos along the way. In Beasts of Maravilla Island (only available for the Nintendo Switch), players must instead film various creatures and log them into a journal. Surprises abound!

Photography Wildersess & Beasts of Maravilla Island

Relaxation: Forest Island & Flutter Away

Both photography simulations mentioned above are sure to help safari fans relax and enjoy exploring new digital environments. However, those seeking out even more downtime can try out Forest Island or Flutter Away. Both are designed to allow gamers to unwind after a long day.

Flutter Away focuses on the world of insects and butterflies. Players can explore a rainforest island to research and discover new and visually stunning insects. In Forest Island, players instead curate a beautiful ecological biome in order to invite animals like foxes, bears, and more to move in. Think of it like a city-building simulation—only for the natural world.

Survival & Adventure: Endling & Abzu

Those who want a more exhilarating foray into the digital frontier can focus on survival and adventure titles. We’ve got two great recommendations, depending on your interests. If you’d like to delve deeper into missions of survival and ecological restoration, then Endling: Extinction is Forever fits the bill. This game follows the world’s last family of foxes as they seek a safe place to call home.

Another good choice is Abzu. Abzu is a more traditional adventure game—and, rather than focus on a land-based safari, it takes players into the deep blue sea. The goal is simply to relax. By exploring the farthest reaches of coral reefs and shallow, tropical waters, players come face to face with some of the world’s brightest and most exotic marine creatures. But beware—Abzu includes sharks.