Yaaman Adventure Park All Inclusive Package

Yaaman Adventure Park is located in Jamaica and is full of exciting activities to partake in. If you love feeling an adrenaline rush, this park is exactly where you need to visit. They have experiences for every member of your family and is suited for any visitor. Interested in visiting? Check out the information of their all-inclusive package.


The first activity you will get to experience is going mudding with an ATV or buggies. The mud buggies are 2-seaters and the ATV is a 1-seater. You will get a first-hand look at some of Jamaica’s beautiful, tropical scenery. The trip will be muddy and splashy, but tons of fun.

Next, you will be able to enjoy a carriage right to the Secret River. You will experience even more of the tropical scenery on an eco-friendly personal transporter. The adventure will be both off and on road led by a Segway guide. They will point out different types of trees and plants during your journey.

One things that is not included in the all-inclusive package is the Dolphin Swim tour. You can add this on for an additional fee, but it is not required or included.


On all of the adventures, it is highly recommended to bring a towel, cash, and a change of clothes. It is very likely that you will get wet and muddy, so you will want to be able to change and get comfortable after you are finished with your adventure.

It is also recommended that you do not bring any items of value, as they could be lost on accident. Finally, it is recommended to bring some biodegradable sunscreen. You will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun, and you do not want to get a sunburn.


You are required to have a reservation for the tour. You will need to let them know how many people will be coming and when. You also can’t bring any outside food or drink onto the property. There will be snacks and beverages available for purchase on the grounds. You will need to sign a waiver to be able to participate in the tour.

There is a cancellation policy should you need to cancel. If you do not cancel 4 days prior to your trip, you will not receive a refund. If you do need to cancel, you need to make sure you do so about 5 days before your trip.