Zimbabwe is home to different species of animals, in which its birds have over 650 species. Because of this, many people travel to Zimbabwe to witness its natural beauty.

Its birds have a lot of various species that live in the different parts of Zimbabwe. Although it doesn’t have any endemics birds, it does have several near-endemic birds residing in the Eastern Zimbabwe Mountains Endemic Birds Area (EBA).

Zimbabwe is a vast country located in South Africa, and it is known as the 60th largest country in the world in terms of land area. It holds some of the world’s most beautiful species of wildlife, making it a perfect tourist destination.

Another interesting fact about this country is its culture and historical values that remain throughout the years. One important factor for this is its national symbol – The Golden Bird, also known as the “Great Zimbabwe Bird.” This bird heavily resembles the appearance of the African Fish Eagle, which has a large body and pretty much looks like the commonly known Bald Eagle.

An overview of the notable birds in Zimbabwe

Before we jump into the list of birds found in Zimbabwe, let’s first take a look into the most remarkable birds present in this land.

  • Common Ostrich

    The common ostrich, or simply known as ostrich, is a bird species that is native to some areas in Africa. This bird is known by its appearance, mainly because of its massive body – which could stand tall from six feet and eleven inches, up to nine feet and two inches for males. Besides its body size, it also has a long neck and legs, which enables them to run at extreme speeds. Another interesting fact about this bird is it is one of the few flightless birds in existence and considered to be the largest. Despite its big body, it could run for a long time at extreme speeds thanks to its long and sturdy legs. A long run can have a speed of 55km/h, while short bursts up to about 70km/h – the fastest pace of any bird on land.

  • Frigatebirds

    The Frigatebirds are a species of seabirds found across tropical and subtropical oceans. Its appearance has distinct features, especially for male frigatebirds, which has a red gular pouch. The body of this bird has black plumage, long forked tails, and long hooked bills. The most notable feature of this bird is its wings, which can span up to 2.3 meters or seven feet and five inches – this is the largest ratio for wing area to body weight compared to any other birds.

  • African Fish Eagle

    Also known as African Sea Eagles, this species of birds lives throughout sub-Saharan Africa, mainly in areas with large bodies of water for its food supply. As mentioned earlier, this bird symbolizes the country of Zimbabwe, and it is the national bird of Namibia at Zambia. Its wings are also significantly large, spanning up to seven feet and nine inches for females, which is a proportionate size to its massive body – unlike those of Frigatebirds. Its appearance heavily resembles the bald eagle with its brown plumage and white head. This bird has a healthy physique, starting from its hooked bills for its carnivorous lifestyle, powerful talons for catching its prey, and large dynamic wings for its fast movement.

These three birds are only a few of the hundreds of species present in Zimbabwe. As we dig more rooted in the Zimbabwe birds, we can see its various natural wonders, and appreciate the exceptional beauty of each bird. In this article, we are going to look into the list of different Zimbabwe birds.


Abdim's Stork
Acacia Pied Barbet
African Black Duck
African Black Swift
African Blue Quail
African Broadbill
African Bush-Warbler
African Crake
African Cuckoo
African Cuckoo Hawk
African Darter
African Finfoot
African Firefinch
African Fish Eagle
African Golden Oriole
African Goshawk
African Grass owl
African Grassbird
African Green Pigeon
African Grey Hornbill
African Hawk Eagle
African Hobby
African Jacana
African Marabou
African Marsh Harrier
African Masked Weaver
African Mourning Dove
African Openbill
African Palm Swift
African Paradise Flycatcher
African Pied Wagtail
African Pitta
African Pygmy Goose
African Quailfinch
African Red-winged Starling
African Reed Warbler
African Rock Martin
African Scimitarbill
African Scrub-Warbler
African Skimmer
African Spoonbill
African Water Rail
African Wattled Plover
African Yellow Warbler
Alpine Swift
Arrow-marked Babbler
Ashy Flycatcher
Augur Buzzard
Ayre's Hawk Eagle
Baillon's Crake
Banded Sand martin
Bar-tailed Godwit
Bar-throated Apalis
Barn Owl
Barn Swallow
Barred long-tailed Cuckoo
Barred Owlet
Bat-like Spinetail
Bat Hawk
Bearded Woodpecker
Bennett's Woodpecker
Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher
Black-bellied Glossy Starling
Black-bellied Korhaan
Black-breasted Snake-Eagle
Black-cheeked Lovebird
Black-cheeked Waxbill
Black-chested Prinia
Black-collared Barbet
Black-crowned Avocet
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Black-crowned Tchagra
Black-eared Seedeater
Black-eyed bulbul
Black-fronted Bush Shrike
Black-headed Apalis
Black-headed Heron
Black-necked Grebe
Black-rumped Buttonquail
Black-shouldered Kite
Black-tailed Godwit
Black-tailed Grey Waxbill
Black-throated Canary
Black-throated Wattle-eye
Black-winged Bishop
Black-winged Pratincole
Black-winged Stilt
Black Coucal
Black Crake
Black Crow
Black Cuckoo
Black Eagle
Black Egret
Black Flycatcher
Black Sawwing
Black Sparrowhawk
Black Stork
Black Sunbird
Blacksmith Plover
Bleating Bush Warbler
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher
Blue-spotted Wood Dove
Blue-throated Sunbird
Blue Swallow
Booted Eagle
Boulder Chat
Bradfield's Hornbill
Broad-billed Roller
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Broad-tailed Paradise-Whydah
Broad-tailed Warbler
Bronze-naped Pigeon
Bronze-winged Courser
Bronze Mannikin
Bronze Sunbird
Brown-backed Firefinch Indigobird
Brown-crowned Tchagra

Brown-headed Parrot
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Brown-necked Parrot
Brown-throated Golden Weaver
Brown-throated Sand Martin
Brown Firefinch
Brown Snake-Eagle
Buff-spotted Flufftail
Buffy Plain-backed Pipit
Bully Canary
Burnt-necked Eremomela
Bushveld Pipit
Cabanis's Yellow Bunting
Cape Batis
Cape Bunting
Cape Canary
Cape Eagle Owl
Cape Penduline Tit
Cape Robin
Cape Shoveller
Cape Sparrow
Cape Teal
Cape Turtle Dove
Cape Vulture
Cape Wagtail
Capped Wheatear
Cardinal Woodpecker
Caspian Plover
Caspian Tern
Cattle Egret
Chestnut-backed Finch Lark
Chestnut-banded Sandplover
Chestnut-fronted Helmet Shrike
Chin-spot Batis
Chirinda Apalis
Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting
Cinnamon Dove
Cliff Swallow
Collared Flycatcher
Collared Palm Thrush
Collared Sunbird
Common Cuckoo
Common Greenshank
Common Kestrel
Common Moorhen
Common Pratincole
Common Quail
Common Redshank
Common Ringed Plover
Common Sandpiper
Common Scops Owl
Common Squacco Heron
Common Stonechat
Common Swift
Common Waxbill
Common Whitethroat
Coppery-tailed Coucal
Coppery Sunbird
Coqui Francolin
Crested Barbet
Crested francolin
Crested Guineafowl
Crimson-breasted Boubou
Croaking Cisticola
Crowned Eagle
Crowned Hornbill
Crowned Plover
Cuckoo Weaver
Curlew Sandpiper
Cut-throat Finch
Dark Chanting Goshawk
Dark Plain-backed Pipit
Denham's Bustard
Desert Barred Warbler
Desert Cisticola
Dickinson's Grey Kestrel
Didric Cuckoo
Double-banded Sandgrouse
Dusky Flycatcher
Dusky Indigobird
Dusky Lark
Dusty Redshank
Dwarf Bittern
East African Swee
Eastern Barred Bush Warbler
Eastern Bearded Scrub Robin
Eastern Black-headed Oriole
Eastern Black Cuckoo-Shrike
Eastern Least Honeyguide

Eastern Paradise-Whydah
Eastern Red-footed Falcon
Eastern Sawwing
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian Vulture
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove
Emerald Cuckoo
Ethiopian Snipe
Eurasian Curlew
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Eurasian Hobby
Eurasian Hoopoe
Eurasian Nightjar
European Bee-eater
European Honey-Buzzard
European Roller
Familiar Chat
Fan-tailed Widowbird
Fawn-coloured Lark
Fiery-necked Nightjar
Fiscal Shrike
Flappet Lark
Forest Weaver
Fork-tailed Drongo
Four-colored Bushshrike
Freckled Rock Nightjar
Fulvous Tree Duck
Gabar Goshawk
Garden Warbler
Giant Kingfisher
Glossy Ibis
Golden-breasted Bunting
Golden-rumped Tinker Barbet
Golden-tailed Woodpecker
Golden Bishop
Golden Pipit
Goliath Heron
Great Crested Grebe
Great Egret
Great Reed Warbler
Great Snipe
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Greater Black-backed Cisticola
Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling
Greater Flamingo
Greater Honeyguide
Greater Kestrel
Greater Sparrow
Greater Striped Swallow
Green-backed Heron
Green-backed Honeyguide
Green-capped Eremomela
Green-winged Pytilia
Green Coucal
Green Sandpiper
Green Twinspot
Grey-backed Finch Lark
Grey-headed Bush Shrike
Grey-headed Gull
Grey-headed Kingfisher
Grey-headed Sparrow
Grey-rumped Swallow
Grey Cisticola
Grey Cuckoo-Shrike
Grey Heron
Grey Lourie
Grey Penduline Tit
Grey Phalarope
Grey Plover
Grey Tit
Grey Tit-Flycatcher
Groundscaper Thrush
Guinea Turaco
Gull-billed Tern
Gurney's Sugarbird
Hadeda Ibis
Half-collared Kingfisher
Harlequin Quail
Helmeted Guineafowl
Heuglin's Robin
Hooded Vulture
Horus Swift
Hottentot Teal
House Sparrow
Icterine Warbler
Jacobin Cuckoo
Jameson's Firefinch
Kalahari Scrub Robin
Kittlitz's Sandplover
Klaas's Cuckoo
Knob-billed Duck
Kori Bustard
Kurrichane Buttonquail
Kurrichane Thrush
Lanner Falcon
Lappet-faced Vulture
Large Golden Weaver
Large Striped Pipit
Lark-like Bunting
Laughing Dove
Lazy Cisticola
Lemon-breasted Canary
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Lesser Black-winged Plover
Lesser Blue-eared Glossy Starling
Lesser Cuckoo
Lesser Flamingo
Lesser Gallinule
Lesser Grey Shrike
Lesser Honeyguide
Lesser Jacana
Lesser Kestrel
Lesser Masked Weaver
Lesser Moorhen
Lesser Seedcracker

Lesser Striped Swallow
Lesser Swamp-Warbler
Lesser Yellowlegs
Lilac-breasted Roller
Lillian's Lovebird
Little Banded Goshawk
Little Bee-eater
Little Bittern
Little Egret
Little Grebe
Little Sparrowhawk
Little Spotted Woodpecker
Little Stint
Little Swift
Livingstone's Flycatcher
Lizzard Buzzard
Locust Finch
Long-billed Crombec
Long-billed Pipit
Long-crested Eagle
Long-tailed Glossy Starling
Long-tailed Wagtail
Long-toed Flufftail
Long-toed Plover
Maccoa Duck
Madagascar Bee-eater
Magpie Shrike
Malachite Kingfisher
Malagasy Squacco Heron
Marico Flycatcher
Marico Sunbird
Marsh Owl
Marsh Sandpiper
Marsh Tchagra
Marsh Warbler
Martial Eagle
Meyer's Parrot
Miobo Tit
Miombo Double-collared Sunbird
Miombo Rockthrush
Mocambique Batis
Mocking Chat
Montagu's Harrier
Mosque Swallow
Mottled Spinetail
Mottled Swift
Moustached Warbler
Namaqua Dove
Namaqua Sandgrouse
Narina Trogon
Natal Francolin
Natal Nightjar
Northern House Martin
Northern Pintail
Northern Shoveller
Northern Wheatear
Olive-tree Warbler
Olive Bush Shrike
Olive Sunbird
Olive Thrush
Olive Woodpecker
Orange-breasted Bush Shrike
Orange-throated Longclaw
Orange-winged Pytilia
Orange Thrush
Ovambo Sparrowhawk
Painted Snipe
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Pale Flycatcher
Pallid Harrier
Palm-nut Vulture
Pearl-breasted Swallow
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Pectoral-patch Cisticola
Pectoral Sandpiper
Pel's Fishing Owl
Pennant-winged Nightjar
Peregrine Falcon
Pied babbler
Pied Crow
Pied Kingfisher
Pied Mannikin
Pin-tailed Whydah
Pink-backed Pelican
Piping Cisticola
Purple-banded Sunbird
Purple-crested Lourie
Purple Gallinule
Purple Heron
Purple Roller
Pygmy Kingfisher

Racket-tailed Roller
Rameron Pigeon
Rattling Cisticola
Red-backed Mannikin
Red-backed Shrike
Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
Red-billed Firefinch
Red-billed Francolin
Red-billed Helmet Shrike
Red-billed Hornbill
Red-billed Oxpecker
Red-billed Quelea
Red-billed Teal
Red-billed Wood Hoopoe
Red-breasted Sparrowhawk
Red-breasted Swallow
Red-capped Lark
Red-capped Robin-Chat
Red-chested Cuckoo
Red-chested Flufftail
Red-collared Widowbird
Red-crested Korhaan
Red-eyed Bulbul
Red-eyed Dove
Red-faced Cisticola
Red-faced Crimsonwing
Red-faced Crombec
Red-faced Mousebird
Red-footed Falcon
Red-headed Finch
Red-headed Weaver
Red-knobbed Coot
Red-necked Falcon
Red-necked Francolin
Red-rumped Swallow
Red-shouldered Glossy Starling
Red-tailed Flufftail
Red-throated Twinspot
Red-winged Warbler
Red Bishop
Reed Cormorant
Richard's Pipit
River Warbler
Roberts Prinia
Rock Pratincole
Rosy-throated Longclaw
Ruddy Turnstone
Rufous-bellied Heron
Rufous-bellied Tit
Rufous-cheeked Nightjar
Rufous-naped Lark
Rufous-vented Warbler Sabota Lark
Sacred Ibis
Sand Martin
Scaly-feathered Finch
Scaly-throated Honeyguide
Scarce Swift
Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Sedge Warbler
Senegal Coucal
Shaft-tailed Whydah
Shelley's Francolin
Shelley's Sunbird
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Singing Bush Lark
Singing Cisticola
Slaty Egret
Slender Bulbul
Sombre Bulbul
Sooty Tern
South African Shelduck
Southern Ant-eating Chat
Southern Banded Snake-Eagle
Southern Black Tit
Southern Blue Waxbill
Southern Boubou
Southern Carmine Bee-eater
Southern Crowned Crane
Southern Ground Hornbill
Southern Hyliota
Southern Pochard
Southern Puffback
Southern White-bellied Sunbird
Speckled Mousebird
Speckled Pigeon
Spectacled Weaver
Spotted-backed Weaver
Spotted Crake
Spotted Creeper
Spotted Dikkop
Spotted Eagle Owl
Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Sandgrouse
Spur-winged Goose
Square-tailed Drongo
Square-tailed Nightjar
Starred Robin
Steppe Buzzard
Steppe Eagle
Streaky-breasted Flufftail
Streaky-headed Seedeater
Stripe-cheeked Bulbul
Striped Crake
Striped Crested Cuckoo
Striped Kingfisher
Swainson's Francolin
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
Swee Waxbill
Swynnerton's Robin
Taita Falcon
Tambourine Dove
Tawny-flanked Prinia
Tawny eagle
Temminck's Courser
Terek Sandpiper
Terrestrial Bulbul
Thich-billed Weaver
Thick-billed Cuckoo
Three-banded Courser
Three-banded Plover
Thrush Nightingale
Tinkling Cisticola
Tree Pipit
Tropical Boubou
Trumpeter Hornbill
Verreaux's Eagle-Owl
Village Indigobird
Violet-backed Starling
Violet-backed Sunbird
Violet-eared Waxbill
Wahlberg's Eagle
Wahlberg's Honeyguide
Wailing Cisticola
Water Dikkop
Wattled Crane
Wattled Starling
Western Banded Snake-Eagle
Western Marsh Harrier
Whiskered Tern
White-backed Duck
White-backed Night-Heron
White-backed Vulture
White-breasted Cormorant
White-breasted Cuckoo-Shrike
White-browed Coucal
White-browed Scrub Robin
White-browed Sparrow Weaver
White-crowned Shrike
White-eared Barbet
White-faced Owl
White-faced Tree Duck
White-fronted Bee-eater
White-fronted Sandplover
White-headed Black Chat
White-headed Plover
White-headed Vulture
White-necked Raven
White-rumped Babbler
White-rumped Swift
White-tailed Bush lark
White-tailed Crested Flycatcher
White-throated Nicator
White-throated Robin
White-throated Swallow
White-winged Black Tern
White-winged Flufftail
White-winged Widowbird
White Helmet Shrike
White Pelican
White Stork
Whyte's Barbet
Willow Warbler
Wing-snapping Cisticola
Wire-tailed Swallow
Wood Owl
Wood Sandpiper
Woodland Kingfisher
Woodward's Batis
Woolly-necked Stork
Yellow-bellied Bulbul
Yellow-bellied Eremomela
Yellow-bellied Sunbird
Yellow-billed Duck
Yellow-billed Egret
Yellow-billed Hornbill
Yellow-billed Kite
Yellow-billed Oxpecker
Yellow-billed Stork
Yellow-breasted Apalis
Yellow-fronted Canary
Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet
Yellow-shouldered Widowbird
Yellow-streaked Bulbul
Yellow-throated Longclaw
Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
Yellow-throated Sparrow
Yellow-throated Warbler
Yellow-tufted Malachite Sunbird
Yellow Bishop
Yellow Canary
Yellow Wagtail
Yellow White-eye
Zebra Waxbill
Zitting Cisticola

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