Are You One of the Skilled Workers that Germany is looking for?

It is common knowledge that the current job market is full of vacancies and that they just can’t seem to find workers to fill them. That is true in many of the Western countries. The pandemic has changed the way people think about work, and it has created havoc in many industries. However, Germany is looking for solutions, and you may possess one of the skills that they are looking for. If so, now might be a good time for you to think about moving there.

Germany needs Skilled Workers Urgently

In 2022, almost 50% of the job offers for skilled workers and professionals did not end-up being filled, in Germany. In numbers, it amounts to more than 600,000 jobs. For a country that wants to remain the economic motor of the EU, this is an issue that needs to be dealt with appropriately and rapidly. One of the causes of this shortage is the fact populations in Europe are ageing, and births are declining in almost all of the member countries. Therefore, they now need to look for people outside the EU frontiers, which includes the UK. If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, start packing and plan your UK to Germany move with expert removals team.

How will Germany attract More Skill Workers?

The strength of this country is that they are not afraid to take measures, whenever they feel like their economy needs help. Now that they have acknowledged the issue, they have decided to takes steps in order to make immigration easier for all the skilled workers that are needed. Thanks to a points-based visa system, they believe that they can attract the right individuals and make them move to their country. Furthermore, they want to face this crisis by making sure that they ease the way into academic and vocational training in Germany as well, for young adults who would like to join the richest country in the EU.

What are the Work Skills that Germany is searching for?

Like in other Western societies, Germany lacks skilled workers in the fields of health, social care, nursing and education. The same is true in France and Italy, for example. It represents almost 2/3 of the jobs that haven’t been filled last year. But the lack of workers doesn’t end there. If you specialize in the construction industry, Germany is calling for you. There are jobs in almost all of its sectors, including architecture, surveying and building technology, as well as all technical jobs that are found on a construction site.

You don’t work in any of these fields? Here are some more that are also required: Manufacturing, production, raw material extraction, law, accounting and management, science, IT, engineering, transportation, logistics, tourism and hospitality. In other words, chances are that you can fill one of the jobs that require skilled workers in this country, right now.

If you feel like Germany is a place that you could call home, it is time for you to enquire on job availabilities in your field. Thanks to changes in the laws, you could become a German citizen in a lot less time than it took you before.