8 Different Habitats in Africa


The planet Earth is such a beautiful place. It offers itself as a place for all living things to thrive. However, living things must have a place where they can be comfortable, have sustenance, and be safe. For us humans, we consider it our homes. Meanwhile, animals need a place where their … Read more



Of all the continents, Africa is known as the driest among the seven. Located in the half border of the Mediterranean Sea, and stretches on the south of the equator, it is no wonder why Africa is also considered the hottest among the seven continents. Africa, being a tropical continent with sixty … Read more


Wildlife Photography

Africa is a nature photographers dream. Everywhere you turn there is a picture ready to be created. The magnificent wildlife, spectacular birds, endless landscapes and vivid sunsets make you feel like this is where you belong. Also, there are the colorful tribal people who have been living in cooperation with nature since time immemorial. Soon you will be … Read more

A Guide to Binoculars


Besides eyeglasses, binoculars are the highly used optical instrument in the world. There are a variety of different binoculars, each with various uses. Binoculars, also known as field glasses, are the magnification equipment consisting of two telescopes. These two telescopes are mounted side-by-side on a plastic or metal frame and are adjusted … Read more

Fascinating Information About the Burchell’s Zebra

BURCHELLS ZEBRA - Equus burchelli

It is a very social mammal, and its black and white stripes make it strikingly beautiful—most people call it a Burchell’s Zebra. Famed for its keen ability to form deep connections with other members of its kind, Burchell’s Zebra may be one of the most adorable mammals that live on the planet. … Read more

Things You Should Know About the Arid Zone Habitat


There are several kinds of habitat that can be seen in Africa. There are forests, savannahs, and deserts, which pretty much composes a massive chunk of Africa’s landmass. Like the habitats mentioned above, arid regions also serve as a habitat for both living and non-living organisms. These regions are characterized by their … Read more



The savanna grassland is truly a habitable place to sustain both animal and plant life. Most of the common animals that you can find in the savanna are mammals, as well as some species of birds and reptiles. It is an ecosystem filled with wildlife in different species, wherein the food chain … Read more

Fun Facts About Botswana Birds


Known as the landlocked country in southern Africa, Botswana is a country rich in flora and fauna. The country has more than 2500 species of plants and 650 species of trees. It is also a rich home to millions of animals, making it a perfect travel destination for those who want to … Read more


Zimbabwe Birds

Zimbabwe is home to different species of animals, in which its birds have over 650 species. Because of this, many people travel to Zimbabwe to witness its natural beauty. Its birds have a lot of various species that live in the different parts of Zimbabwe. Although it doesn’t have any endemics birds, … Read more

Most Notable Birds in Zambia

Zambia Bird

Located in the southern part of Africa, there lies a big country so rich in culture and wildlife: Zambia. It’s full of incredible flora and fauna that makes it an exciting country to visit. Zambia is home to one of the world’s largest waterfalls, Victoria Falls, and the world’s biggest man-made lake, … Read more

GREY MONGOOSE (Large) – Herpestes ichneumon

GREY MONGOOSE (Large) - Herpestes ichneumon

It has large, round eyes, big ears, and it comes in a cute size—a Lesser Bushbaby is a native to the southern part of Africa. It is considered as one of the most common primates that roam around Africa. They are strikingly adorable and generally harmless. In fact, they are often kept … Read more

Black Egret

Black Egret

Sleek, elegant, and admirable—these are probably some words you would say when you come across a flying Black Egret. This bird is primarily dark in color, and it has habits you will not not find in other bird species that makes it quite interesting to learn about. Read on to learn more … Read more

All You Need to Know About Greater Flamingos

Greater Flamingo

Pink, tall, slender, and an excellent flyer—this is a Greater Flamingo. This species of flamingo is particularly famous for its pink color, making it an adorable bird to watch in Africa. Tourists worldwide come to Africa to observe these spectacular birds and their fascinating display of performances. Read further to know more … Read more