Brawl Stars: 5 of the Most Fun Brawlers to Play With

Due to the competitive nature of PvP games, oftentimes we can’t help but solely focus on skills and stats, and we end up forgetting one of the most important elements in gaming: fun. So for this Brawl Stars Brawlers spotlight, let’s set aside the numbers and usual strategies and give the stage to 5 of the most fun Brawl Stars brawlers to use in the game!

These Brawlers might not be the top choice among the community, meta-wise, but they can bring oodles of fun to your gameplay. Read on to know what makes them fun, and maybe do some Brawl Stars top up gems right after to get them and their awesome Brawl Stars skins. Let the fun brawling commence!


From his normal attacks to his Super, Cordelius Brawl Stars (hilariously nicknamed “Cordycepsfungus” by some players) is all about mushrooms. He flicks mushrooms from his gardening tool then hits enemies with a ginormous mushroom for his Super. It’s also hilarious how, lore-wise, Cordelius hates strangers. So in the game, he passively charges his Super whenever enemies are within his radius. Get out of his line of sight, people!

But what really makes his gameplay extra fun is him trapping others in the Shadow Realm. His big mushroom attack, which is his Super, sends those who are hit to the Shadow Realm. That’s gotta be annoying for others but extra fun for Cordelius players.


To put it succinctly, Spike Brawl Stars is an icon. He’s one of the oldest Brawl Stars Brawlers and is one of the most popular faces in Brawl Stars. Seriously, just look at his happy little cactus face. Don’t you just feel happy already?

Spike’s face aside, Spike’s abilities are nothing to write home about now. But back then, when there were only a handful of Brawl Stars Brawlers, Spike’s Needle Grenade attacks and Stick Around Super kicked butt. And you know what? After all these years, they’re still pretty fun to use. Keep on spiking, Spike.


Sneaky sneaky time! A huge chunk of what makes Leon’s gameplay so fun is how you can sneak around with his Super invisibility skill. Add in his Clone Projector where he can make clones of himself, and Lollipop Drop that can also turn his teammates invisible within his lollipop’s radius, and you got a recipe for a fun sneaky time!


If you want a party robot, Surge Brawl Stars is your man (or your bot, in this case). He brings in the good vibes, the juice, the tunes, and the fun gameplay.

What’s fun about his gameplay is his strength, like when he uses his Super and jumps and knocks back enemies. And if you’re a fan of Franky from One Piece, you’ll have a grand time with Surge. Super…to the max!


Batter up! Bibi Brawl Stars is a menace (but a fun one!) with her bat and speed. An enemy gets too close to you? Bonk them across the map! Be the Oprah of bonks and give everyone a well-deserved bonk. You get a bonk and you get a bonk!

She can also easily dodge enemy attacks with her boosted speed. As Bibi, dodge like a butterfly and bonk like a bee.

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