Comparing the African Fish Eagle and the Bald Eagle


Eagles are large members of the Accipitridae family of hawks. These massive birds are easily identified by their size and a variety of other characteristics. They have large curved beaks and sharp talons on their feet. These magnificent birds come in a variety of species, with scientists recognizing at least 60 around … Read more

What Are The Fox Species In Africa?

Are you aware that there are more than 30 species of foxes? One of the most widely scattered animals on the earth is the red fox, which can be found in about every corner of our globe. Foxes are members of the Canidae family, which includes dogs and wolves. Over time, their … Read more

How the African Waterbuck Differs from American Deer

Many confuse deer and antelope, believing that deer is an antelope and vice versa. Both animals are even-toed hoofed mammals, which accounts for the prevalent misconception. Deer, on the other hand, belong to a distinct family, whereas antelopes are more of a mishmash. This article aimed to provide readers with a better … Read more

Discovering the Springbok

The Springbok, with a scientific name of Antidorcas marsupialis, also known as the Springbuck, is South Africa’s national animal. This medium-sized antelope is distributed throughout southern Africa but not in the Kruger National Park. It is simple to recognize a Springbok by its distinctive dark brown stripe along its flank and sloping … Read more

Most Endangered Species in Africa

Africa is a multitude of things. It hosts thousands of tribes and cultures, boasts stunning tropical beaches and vibrant cities, and possesses many geological wonders and awe-inspiring natural sceneries. Of course, the continent is most renowned for its unmatched wildlife diversity, offering travelers with great viewing opportunities to many of the world’s … Read more

Learn More about Arnot’s Chat

The Arnot’s Chat, also known as the White-headed Black Chat and Myrmecocichla arnotti, is a bird species that is categorized under the Muscicapidae family. This family of birds consists of small passerine birds that emit weak songs and harsh calls. The closest relatives of the Arnot’s Chat include the European Stonechat, Cyprus … Read more