Most Famous South African Mountain Ranges

Most Famous South African Mountain Ranges

The South African landscape is truly breathtaking. There are numerous scenic features to see and explore, ranging from long coastal stretches and sparkling rivers to vast open plains and lush forests. The country’s majestic mountain ranges, which stretch for hundreds of miles in the north and south and offer a plethora of … Read more

Mountain Ranges in South Africa

A few people are aware of the beauty of the South African mountains, but they are not widely known. Visitors may expect tranquil forests, awe-inducing rivers, and beautiful landscapes in these mountain ranges. When you picture the African countryside, you probably see the vast, flat plains and grasslands of the Serengeti or … Read more

Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa

UNESCO World Heritage sites are exceptional cultural, historical, and natural areas or landmarks that have significant universal value or influence on humanity. Nearly 1,200 monuments exist across the 167 countries in the world. Africa has its fair share of these outstanding locations, with 145 UNESCO sites scattered across the second-largest continent. Today, … Read more

All about Wildlife Parks in Africa

If you love traveling around the globe and visiting exotic places and sights, then African wildlife parks must be your dream. If you have not thought about it, then you better should as they have to offer sights that reflect nature in their truest form. From spotting wild animals in their natural … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About African Mammals

Africa is home to several wonders of the world. Consisting of plain, semi-desert, and hilly areas, tourists visit the country every year to witness and experience sights not found anywhere else. A major source of attraction are the animals, particularly mammals. Africa is home to a wide variety of African mammals. Featuring … Read more


Safaris are supposed to be exciting and a once in a lifetime experience. You get to blend in with wildlife for a few hours every day and observe the biggest animals in the world up close. While safaris provide several activities other than jeep riding, there are some ethics and rules that … Read more

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