What to Keep in Mind When Consuming Cannabis Edibles

There are three main ways to consume cannabis products: smoking, vaping, and eating edibles. Edibles are products made of cannabis that would pass for ordinary food items since they are in the form of cookies, confectionaries, and even fizzy drinks. Some people even substitute their oils and butter with weed-infused products for cooking.

The hype for weed products is primarily from the legalization of its consumption in several states. The hype for weed products is primarily from the legalization of its consumption in several states such as Pennsylvania, and laws regarding the purchase of cannabis products with PA medical marijuana cards. Users also join the bandwagon due to the numerous health benefits of cannabinoids, such as pain relief, relaxation, creativity, and even healing elements that still require further research.

We have lined up the five top reasons they are becoming more popular among users.

Healthier Than Smoking 

People are becoming more health-conscious as discussions around smoking and vaping get louder. A blunt will not deliver the desired taste as it tampers with the terpenes, so users know they would not be getting the best result. Vaping used to be seen as a better alternative, but those with respiratory diseases do not want to worsen their situation. The best choice to deliver the desired effect without all the health concerns is eating or drinking your weed-infused products. They are available in different flavors so that even the choosiest person has an option.

Longer Lasting Effects

Edibles take longer to hit the system, but you feel them for longer when they do. Many people say it takes at least thirty minutes – or even as long as two hours if you’d just eaten – to feel any effect, but they also note the resulting high hits faster than through smoking or vaping. The psychoactive effects delivered by the THC in these products can remain in your body for 8-12 hours, which is way longer than they would with any other method. Some people have reported experiencing pain relief for 24 hours.

Edibles Taste Good

Chocolate, cookies, gummies, lozenges, brownies, and the fizzy drinks that make up edibles are good-tasting, so you wouldn’t expect to have any problem consuming them, would you? Weed has an earthy taste, so it helps mask it in these delicious flavors that anyone would easily consume. Companies keep coming up with innovative ways to eat your weed, so you can count on better weed products as time passes.

Edibles Are Discreet

Imagine lighting up a blunt at a conference filled with people dressed in suits. Smoking or even vaping are still frowned upon, and weed is still regarded as a narcotic in some parts of the world, so it would be hard to consume it in most ways without attractive judgment and attention. Gummies don’t get this kind of attention. Actually, none would be the wiser – unless they are partakers – since weed gummies resemble vitamins. This allows you to get your high on discreetly, even in the middle of people. Most people are attracted to this convenience.

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?

Yes, they are, but you may want to apply these tips before consumption.

Start Low

When you get started, you may feel like having a larger piece of a brownie or whatever edible you have, but that will only get you higher than you may have anticipated. Dosing is usually the biggest issue for most weed users, so start slow as you find out how much your body can handle. If you do not know your dosage, ask your budtender for help.

Be Patient

Do not reach for more cookies when you feel like the first little piece you had didn’t have the effect you expected. Since they take longer to work, you may be tempted to, but that would only lead to an overdose. Wait two hours before picking up another piece, as that is the maximum time it takes to feel the effects. If you still need some more to hit your high after that time, then do so safely.  

Eat First  

If you are new to edibles, it would be wise to have a light meal first, then make the edibles your dessert. They move through the bloodstream fast and have more effects than anticipated when eaten on an empty stomach. Food slows down the process.


If you ate too much and begin to panic because the feeling became too much to handle, relax since getting worked up will only agitate you further. Call a friend if you feel the need for it or just let your body and mind rest. You will get better control of yourself when you allow it to settle. Drinking water could also bring down the levels of your high.


Pandemic-induced anxiety called for palliatives, and weed falls perfectly in this category. The legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana and associated products led to many people feeling more confident to try them and see what the fuss was all about. Edibles need a better understanding of one’s dosage, so they do not become a problem, and budtenders are in a good position to advise when asked. So, next time you reach for cookies of weed-infused chocolate, exercise caution and self-control and see the difference it makes.


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