10 Tips For A Happy Pet

It is estimated that up to 60 percent of homes in America have a pet in them and many people love their pets as if they were a member of the family. Some people believe that a happy pet is one that gets to do everything his/her owners get to do. For more info on pet & animal care – [http://www.thepetfreak.com%22/]. Others believe that a pet is happiest when he/she gets to do things closest to his/her intimate desires.

Pet psychology is a field that has investigated the symbiotic relationship that exists between pets and humans. According to recent studies, dogs have special facial expressions reserved specifically for human beings. Other studies have revealed that cats have as hot and cold of a relationship with humans as we have always believed.

If you wish to raise a happy pet, pleasing an animal is simple. While it has much more to do than just treats and petting, the 10 tips provided here are easy to introduce to your existing relationship with your beloved pet. Meanwhile, just open the following link to order high-quality dog collars australia online.

1. Give them Toys to Destroy

You might have spent a fortune on that fancy new toy, but you should always remember that your pet is having the time of his/her life when destroying it. What appears to be destruction to us is simply an animal being a happy pet. Cats and dogs rely on instinct when it comes to playing with toys and if you do see them going crazy, simply let them be. Get toys for your pets at www.discountpetsupplies.co.uk.

2. Try Hide and Seek

Your dog lives for his/her sense of smell. Find a treat that your dog loves and play a game with them. See whether they can find you when you are sneaking around the house. Don’t forget to offer them a little treat once they find you.

Certain breeds of dog love playing hide and seek while others don’t. You can do the same thing with cats. Since they already love boxes, try hiding things under boxes such as small motorized toy. Let them try getting a hold of the box to get what is underneath.

3. Hide Treasure Around

If your pet has a treat they love, get them riled up and start hiding treats around the house. Try seeing how many they are able to find in 1 hour. If you will be gone away for much of the day, try hiding their treats without alerting them.

You will let them play and keep their mind going as they search around the house for treats. They will love exploring different sections of the house and keep moving even though you aren’t around to play with them.

4. Buy a New Collar

Cats and dogs wear the same collars day in day out. Collars are obviously important for ensuring their safety, but they can get boring after sometime. If the collar has a bell or anything on it, you dog may get sick of that after a while.

Switch it up from time to time. Different weights and textures are not lost on your pets. Your happy pet will appreciate the opportunity of wearing something new/different around the house.

5. Dance With Them

You might be surprised to learn that both cats and dogs love to dance. While it isn’t the formal kind of dancing that you are familiar with, grabbing a feather for your cat to jump around and try to catch can really help to brighten their day.

When it comes to dogs, dancing around them and allowing them to run between your legs lets them try to coordinate while moving around a space.

6. Spa Time

Pampering your beloved pets is something you must never be afraid to do.  Today, just about all cities have some kind of spa for pets where they get groomed, bathed, and have time to relax. All that attention showered on them makes them feel great. Cats and dogs have a sense of pride, so whenever they get the opportunity to show off, they really love it.

7. Play YouTube Videos for Them

YouTube has literally millions of pet-friendly videos. Depending on what your pet loves, you can be sure that there’s something for everybody. Some cats and dogs love watching bird videos and playing along with what they see. Try finding playlists of videos for cats and dogs that have been specifically engineered for what pets love.

8. Compliment Them

Cats and dogs have a pretty good understanding of the tone of your voice. If you say flattering, complimentary, or nice things to them, they will get the gist. It feels good for everybody and could not only brighten their day but yours too.

Dogs need positive reinforcement to keep their good behavior going, so this could be an excellent opportunity to work out some training strategies.

9. Make Frozen Treats

Dogs love chewing ice and snow while cats love anything that they can lick. Find some recipes for cat or dog treats that let them stay healthy while still enjoying some snacks along with you.

10. Let in the Air

Opening your windows for your pets can be great for their well-being and can make them feel good. After all, they love watching, hearing, and smelling things. An open window also means that your cats or dogs will stay stimulated by the action on the street. If your cat prefers the outside, get them the best outdoor cat house.